Is it safe to be intimate during the lockdown?


For many people, this long period of confinement is the perfect excuse to spend more time with their partners, find each other again and get back to having an intimate relationship. But while we find ourselves staying at home, many doubts are arising as to the safety of having sex, bearing in mind the social distancing we are supposed to be keeping in order to avoid contagion.

The risk of becoming infected via sex does not seem to be a possibility according to the data, so it is possible to keep having sex, but you should take some precautions into consideration.

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It has been proven that the COVID-19 virus can manifest asymptomatically and become a real problem after days of incubation. For that reason, if you do have sex, you must be sure that your partner hasn’t been in contact with high-risk people in the last two weeks. 

If they have recently travelled, go regularly to public places, or work in a medical unit, it is highly likely that they have been exposed to the virus, so a period of isolation before any interaction takes place is a smart move to avoid spreading the disease.

Although it has not been shown that the coronavirus can be transmitted through semen or vaginal fluids, there is a small chance this could change in the future; currently, saliva and the microscopic droplets we breathe out are much more dangerous.

This means the real risk of undertaking this type of activity lies in kisses and close contact, which can complicate things if one party is infected. While having sex with a mask on may not be the most attractive or seductive concept, although everyone’s tastes are different, this measure could protect you much more than a condom can from this epidemiological crisis.

Sex is about more than just vaginal penetration, sexual interactions normally involve kissing, mucous contact and close breathing. This makes sex a risky activity if the correct precautions are not taken.

None of us are completely safe from this virus, so hygiene and confinement are two elements that can help guarantee our health while the outbreak reduces and ways of containing Covid-19 are found. If you have maintained preventative isolation for over two weeks and not presented any of the symptoms linked to the disease, you do not represent a risk for your partner.

While it would be ideal to avoid having sex, if you can’t resist and you want to undertake sexual activity with your partner, we recommend positions that reduce contact with respiratory airways or face-to-face. 


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