6 Ways To Be An Amazing Co Worker In 2022

Everybody wants to be liked, and this is especially true in a workplace environment. You likely spend at least eight hours a day with your coworkers, five days a week. That’s a lot of time to spend with anybody, but it’s a really long time to spend with people who don’t like you. How can you curry favor with your colleagues and be the amazing coworker everybody loves? You can start by installing a custom Zoom background that displays your company logo or an image of an office.

Offer Help Where Needed

  1. Don’t offer unsolicited advice or assistance. The first principle of workplace relations is to only offer help when it’s needed. Unsolicited advice is rarely welcome, and it’s particularly regrettable in a professional environment. Your coworkers likely take pride in their work, and an offer to help may be perceived as condescending. This is the opposite of your intentions, so it’s best to simple avoid giving unsolicited feedback.
  2. Offer help when it’s necessary. Of course you don’t want to offer unsolicited assistance, but that doesn’t mean you should fly solo at work. Collaboration is a key element of any successful workplace, and it’s important to building relationships with your coworkers, too. You should readily offer your help to coworkers when they reach out to you.
  3. Always be ready to share a project. Sometimes, you may be assigned a task, and the task becomes bigger than you anticipated. If your coworker were in this situation, you’d want them to reach out to you — so if you’re in this situation, you should reach out for help, too. Sharing a project with your colleagues is a great way to share skills and ensure that the results are strong.

Organize Friday Get Togethers

  1. Invest in friendships with colleagues. It’s important to maintain a high level of professional performance in the workplace, but at the end of the day, all of your colleagues are people. They want to have fun and make friends, too. If you want to be a truly awesome coworker, make an effort to befriend your colleagues.
  2. Get to know the people you work with. Friendships don’t appear in thin air. If you want to be friends with your colleagues, you need to start with conversations. You should use those conversations to get to know them better. What do they do outside of work? Do they live with pets or their family? What are their favorite movies, books, and hobbies?
  3. Organize group get togethers. Once you’ve befriended a few of your colleagues, you should take the time to organize after-work get togethers. Fridays are a great time for such gatherings since they lead into the weekend. You can organize these occasions even if you’re working virtually and using a Zoom background with logo. Meeting in person can be a great team-building exercise.

Discover the joys of workplace socialization and become an amazing coworker in 2022. You should familiarize yourself with Zoom virtual background requirements if you work virtually.

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