Do You Need A Baseball Windscreen?


Windscreen banners adorn the fences of baseball and softball fields. Although they are a familiar sight, you may not have given much consideration to their function further than the visual. Here are some things to keep in mind about baseball and softball field windscreens, including their advantages, design concerns, and construction best practices.


Windscreen may be helpful to your baseball grounds for a variety of reasons. In addition to improving the aesthetic of your stadium, they block out distractions, promote privacy, and, as the name implies, minimize wind that can impact play.

Baseball and softball, in particular, benefit from enhanced ball visibility, which is beneficial to all sports. The term “batter’s eye” is used in baseball. A solid-colored patch in the middle of the outfield wall and beyond is known as the batter’s eye. It’s a batter’s straight line of sight while awaiting the pitch. 

The hitter can see the ball easier against a darker and uniform background with this transparent visual backdrop. This improves the batter’s performance at the plate and keeps them safer by focusing on the ball. If you want to learn more about the topic, check out the link:

Considerations for a design

As previously said, your windshield supplier must incorporate a clean and ideally dark-colored batter’s eye. Nevertheless, this isn’t the sole critical feature.

Think of the aesthetic impact as well. You can use windscreens to exhibit your school’s emblem, colors, as well as display text like a motto, or a mascot image. 

Several coaches opt to have sponsored advertisements on the windscreens. Why is this so important? This can bring in more money for the school or the sports facility, fix whatever repairs needed (if needed), and express thankfulness for the people donating the money.

The proximity to the fence is the last design consideration. There’s really no reason the distances can’t be included straight into the layout of your windscreen instead of obtaining separate outfield distance indicators. Read more here.

Construction and materials

Construction and materials

In premium windscreens, the mesh material is of the finest quality. Rather than solid banner material, the windshield firm must employ mesh. Mesh is a woven cloth having a number of tiny holes that allow air to pass through. This fabric is flexible, unlike banner material, which is rigid and may act as a sail, stretching your fence and finally causing the product to break.

It’s just as vital to use the right finishing techniques to ensure your windscreen can withstand the elements. Make absolutely sure your provider adds webbing on both sides for optimum durability. Stronger webbing is a nylon strap that is cross-stitched and double-sewn onto the windscreen’s edges. 

As the last step, add metal eyelets or grommets. You’ll be able to fasten the windshield to your outfield fence this way. You can shop here if you are interested in finding out more. 

When choosing an outfield fence windshield for a baseball or softball field, keep the following considerations in mind:


Polypropylene, vinyl, polyethylene, and vinyl-coated meshes are the most popular fabrics used to make these screens. Since polypropylene and polyethylene are thicker, they are much more durable. Even though both materials are of great strength and reliability, polyethylene is less expensive.

The main drawback to these two substances is that they come in a restricted range of hues. Suppose you really want your team’s or stadium’s logo printed on your polyethylene or polypropylene windshield. In that case, you should choose a firm specializing in printing on these long-lasting textiles.

Vinyl and vinyl coated mesh are much less durable than metal mesh, although they are less expensive. They are usually significantly lower in weight and, as a result, easier to install. It may be necessary to change it every other year.

The cloth used to construct the screen will decide the unit’s sturdiness and lifetime. It’s recommended to spend a few additional bucks on a higher quality cloth to guarantee that your baseball windshield can withstand heavy rain and extreme heat.


Make certain that the makers provide you with a guarantee. Windscreens aren’t inexpensive, and you’ll need a guarantee if they break or rip inside the first few months. Windscreens of good quality will have at minimum a two-year guarantee.


You’ll need a specific level of seclusion depending on where your baseball field is located. You’ll want to think about the seclusion that the screen provides, particularly for teams that don’t want onlookers or the general public monitoring their every move.

Several windscreens provide about 96 percent seclusion. It’s important to keep in mind that the less and less you can see through the screen, the less wind it lets in. When your windshield is exposed to too much wind, it might billow and harm your fence.


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