Bail Bonds – Important Responsibilities You Have


Helping your loved one who is behind bars without any fault, needs serious attention! Other than getting in touch with an ace attorney, you will have to do all it takes to free your relative from the prison. Here you need to say ‘yes’ to a bail bond company to provide you with the bail bond amount.

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However, there’s more to do than just selecting the apt bail bond company! The person who makes all the arrangements for bail and also signs the contract is called the “Indemnitor”. However, such situations take place in an unforeseen manner. You shouldn’t be processing all that comes with your bail bond contract. It is essential to understand a few things before you sign the contract.

To explain in simple terms, bail bonds usually, function almost like insurance policies. It’s declared by the magistrate that the person who got arrested will be present at the court on the given dates, once they have been bailed out. The essential responsibilities that you have are as follows:

  1. Ensure the defendant makes his/her court appearances

Once you get your loved one, out of jail by paying the bail bond, make sure that he/she makes the court appearances without fail. Being the Indemnitor, you owe this to the court. If a court appearance gets missed, it will negatively impact the court case. To know more you can get in touch with Remedy Bail Bonds.

  1. Pay extra fee when the defendant fails to attend the court date

If there’s a reason because of which the defendant can’t make it to the court date, as an Indemnitor you have to pay a specific fee. It could be the amount to pay the recovery agent that bail bond agents hire for getting the defendant out of jail.

  1. Pay the full bail amount when the defendant disappears

When the defendant fails to appear on the court dates and can’t get traced, the Indemnitor need to pay the total bail amount that the bail bond company paid. And instead of money, if specific collateral gets used, such as a vehicle, real estate or pink slips, that get used and is not returned.

  1. Be accountable completely for the defendant

The moment you sign the bail bond contract, you have to commit to it. There’s no changing your mind midway, and you must ensure that your loved one is regular in making court appearances. Know that once you commit in becoming the Indemnitor, you will lose out on money and other belongings when the defendant is irregular for court visits or elopes without notice. Hence, it is essential that you sit with your loved one and explain to him/her the relevance of your job and the court appearances.

  1. Start arranging for the money as the proceedings follow

You have to return the bail bond amount once the legal case gets settled. Hence, follow the court proceedings and make arrangements for the money, so that once the case gets over, you don’t fall into financial stress.

These are the five responsibilities that you need to get concerned about when you are opting in for a bail bond amount through a company. Once you address this, you can stay clear from any financial stress and other legal hassles.


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