Average Height For Women Around The World And The Factors Affecting It

Sometimes, it becomes hard to predict the average height for women, and for this very reason, here are some of the questions that have been answered in order to help you out regarding the same.

Average Height For Women

average height for women

Average height for American women

The average height for women varies all across the globe. In the US, you will observe that the average height of a woman is less than 5ft 4 inches i.e. 63.7 inches or you can say 161.8 centimeters. This data has been reported by NHANES i.e. the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey for the years 2011 to 2018. The average height of a woman has some of the variations due to the ethnicity factor. Some of the categories and the reports observed are as follows –

1. For the non-Hispanic white women, the average height is 64.1 inches or 162.9 centimeters

2. For the Non-Hispanic black women, the average height is 64.2 inches or 163.0 centimeters

3. For the Non-Hispanic Asian women, the average height is 61.8 inches or 157 cm

4. For the Hispanic including the Mexican American, the average height is 62.0 inches or 157.5 centimeters. The Mexican American women can be of 61.9 inches as far as the average height is considered

What do you know about the average female height US?

The average female height in the US is 5 feet 4 inches. This has been reported as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So, you can say that the average female height is around five feet and three inches. It has been reported that the American girls stop growing when they reach their teenage or around 14 years of age.

Average height by age

Average height by age

  1. Average height of a female aged 20 or above in the US

The average female height in US measures around 5 feet and 4 inches and this goes for all the women from all the races over the age of twenty.

  1. Average height of a female teenager

The average height of the female teenagers usually measures around 63.9 inches at the age of 16 and that is actually slightly higher than the average height of a woman who is 20 and above. This is because, as the age starts increasing the height starts shrinking which results in bringing the average height lower for the adult women.

  1. Let’s know more about the average height of a female over and above the age of 60

The average female height who has aged around 60-69 years measures usually around 63.2 inches. This is because women continuously shrink after the age of 69 and above. You would be surprised to know that by the time a woman reaches the age of 80, she measures around 61.3 inches that is just five feet tall.

  1. Do you know the average height of a 13 year young girl?

The average height of a female who is 13 years old is usually 62.4 inches that is just 1.3 inches shorter than that of the average adult woman. The girls who are in the age group of 16-18 generally measures around 68.1 inches that are 4.4 inches taller than the average height of a woman above 20 years of age.

When do the female teenagers stop growing in height?

The female teenagers stop growing sooner than the teenage boys and it usually happens when they reach the age group of 14-16. It all depends upon the female and her menstruation cycles. As the female starts menstruating, they only tend to grow an inch or two after reaching this milestone.

Is true that the Americans are getting taller?

  • It has been found out in the recent survey by the center of disease control and prevention that the average heights of the human beings have increased very slightly since the year 1960’s.
  • Whereas on the other hand, the weight of the human beings has increased rapidly as compared to the heights. This is happening all over America.
  • As per the research, it has been observed that the potential height of an average human being is related to the quality of the nutrition during the infancy and childhood and the study further links it to the standard of living as well.
  • Even after this, the average height for woman is slowing down and some of the researches have indicated these issues to the food and the balanced diets consumed by the women.

The average US women height statistics over time

Following are some of the figures that have been derived from the early surveys to show how the average height of the women that has changed rapidly over the past few years

  • According to the survey, the pilgrim women in the Massachusetts colony have an average height of 60 1/2 inches, or just a little over 5 feet tall.
  • The women in the US weighed around 62.4 inches in the year 1900 to 1908.
  • The US women average height of women was around 63.7 inches in the year 1948 to 1950.
  • In the year 1955, the US women had an average height of 64.3 inches.
  • However, it has been observed that in the past 100 years, the average height of a woman has been getting taller due to the health and the nutrition which was likely not a growth support earlier for the people.
  • Immigration is also one of the factors that influence the height changes over the time in a region where people from areas with the lower health and nutrition enter the population over the past few decades.

The Average height for woman in the UK

The average height for woman in the UK is around 161.6 cm. In England, the average woman weighs about 70.2 kg and the height varies from 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 5 inches.

Relationship between height and weight?

  • The relationship between height and weight is known as the Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • It is the measurement used worldwide for the calculation of the total height and weight that is appropriate for a human being.
  • It captures the relationship between height and weight of the human being. It generally implies the log weight regressed on the log height for calculation.
  • It represents that the taller a person is in height, the greater will be her weight and vice versa. Correlation is basically the association between the two variables and in this case, it is height and weight.
  • So, if there is an increase in one variable, then it automatically tends to be associated with the other variable and this process is known as a positive correlation. On the whole, you can say, the taller a person, the heavier they will be.

Statistics for average female height worldwide

average female height

The average female height varies from country to country and it keeps on varying as you compare the observations and reports with each other. So, you can say that each of the country, town, city have their own sampling methods and statistics to calculate the average height of woman and this might also be the reason for the varying results all around the globe. However, it is also believed that any change in the overall average height of a woman in India and China that has 18% of the world population each, can change the average female height worldwide in a significant manner. Some of the trends related to the average female height go on like this –

  • In most of the European countries like the Netherlands, the average height for women is 5 feet and 6 inches.
  • In various other countries like India, Asia, Southeast Asia, Central, and South America, the average height of a woman is 5 feet only or less than that. The increase in the average height in women has been rarely seen in the last few decades in these countries.
  • In China, it has been observed that the women are between 61.5 and 63.0 inches, not more or less than this. However, in the recent years, the average height of the girls has been increased by 1.2 inches, which results in the prediction that the average height for woman might also increase in the coming years.

Not every woman is going to be five feet and ten inches tall. Half of the American women are shorter than this and the shorter stature does not always mean that everyone is going to be shorter or taller on the basis of this. It all varies from country to country. If you wish to increase your overall height, then a well-balanced diet along with the regular exercise in the diet plans. This can ultimately help you in increasing your height in the best possible manner.

  • The average height of a woman in the US is just 5 foot and four inches and it probably measures around this for the women of age group 20 and above.
  • As the age increases, the height keeps on decreasing. The women become steeper and slower with the passage of time. The body size and the shape of the women keep on changing as the time changes and it has changed a lot since the last few decades.
  • In the early 1960’s, the average woman between the age group of 20-74 years was around 63.1 inches tall and weighed around 140.2 pounds. Today, in the present era, the average American women weights around 168.5 pounds.
  • Today, the average height of the women is increasing at a slower rate than the weight. There are various factors that have to be kept in mind to help you grow taller and stronger.
  • The major fact includes a well-balanced, strong and nutritional diet full of proteins. Keep yourself in a healthy range with the help of the balanced diet. It’s time for all the women grow taller and stronger.

Do you know the average heights across the world?

average height for women

  • As you might have seen above, the growth rates of the human heights have not slowed down in all the parts of the world. However, in some of the countries, such as South Korea, people are experiencing quite a better growth rate. In countries like this, women have gained an average height of more than eight inches in the past few years.
  • In countries like the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Nepal, the average height of a woman is found out to be 59.4 inches since the last research.
  • Countries like the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia and the Czech Republic, the average height for women is 5.5 – 6 inches which make them the tallest women in the world.

Final thoughts

On the whole, you can conclude that the average height for woman is not that tall however you can exercise and go for a balanced diet to increase height. The average female height depends upon the health and the living conditions of a particular population. It not only depends upon the surveys, reports or the judgment of the individuals.  The above data was jotted down in order to provide a better insight of information to the individuals who are searching for an answer and we hope that you got one!

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