Astonishing: Ten Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World

You would have for sure come across numerous hotels throughout your life. From excellent five-star hotels to great lavish ones, the world is swirling with diverse accommodations. Have you ever visited the tiniest hotels available around the world? Well, if not, then have a look at some of these:

Bubble Hotel

As the name itself proposes, the small inn located in France is a sort of snow bubble accommodation. The crystal clear glass bubble shape is pure magically & gives you the vibe of a fairy world.

Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World #1

Das Park Hotel

The extremely extraordinary and amazing inn is situated in Germany. This hotel offers the brilliant opportunity to their guests to stay inside concrete drainage pipe. The pipe is incited with extremely comfortable bed, blanket, light & all basic needs. It is really among the world’s smallest hotel rooms accessible.

Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World #5


Another sort of capsule hotel located at Moscow and has around 61 rooms’ accommodation. The rooms are designed in the form of sleeping cells to give pleasant comfort to the guests.Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World #3

Eco Pod

The admired cute and small igloo-like hotel rooms located in Switzerland are really astonishing in its own way. With the lap of snow covered mountains and nip in the air, these charming little rooms offer accommodation for only two people.

Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World #7

Capsule Inn

The inn situated in Osaka, Japan is considered world’s first small capsule hotel built in 1979. Once checking in, the guest is provided with wristband key. After leaving baggage and other stuffs to the assigned locker, the guest can easily rest and relax inside the capsule room.

Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World #4


London-based hotel is another existing inn in world where you can discover most diminutive rooms. The rooms ranging from 7-11.5 square meters have TV, WiFi, bed and attached restroom. Easy hotel is truly incredible.

Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World #6

Cabanas No Rio

The hotel located in Portugal is however another distinctive and astonishing creation of man. ‘Cabanas No Rio’ meaning cabins on the river are iconic soothing option for you. One can effortlessly enjoy the feelings of small hut and billion dollar river view effortlessly.

Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World #2

Qbic Hotel, Amsterdam

Taking into account the idea of the cube, all rooms at the Qbic Hotels in both Amsterdam & London feature this power box that has a bed on one side and restroom on the other.

Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World #9

YOTEL, Heathrow Airport

It wasn’t much sooner than the capsule idea or concept hit airports. In London‘s Heathrow airport, ‘cabins’ can be booked by the hour if you need to sleep or take a shower between flights

Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World #10

Nite Nite cityhotels, Birmingham

Designed to imitate the feeling of being inside a lavish yacht cabin, Birmingham‘s Nite Nite hotel rooms are adorned with leather wall panels, a mood lighting control system and cherry wood finishes. Anything missing — like a power adapter or hair dryer — can be found at reception.

Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World #8

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