Asthma: Top 5 Generic Drugs For Treatment


Asthma is a respiratory disease whose severity can range from mild to life-threatening. This respiratory disease is characterized by narrowing, blockage by mucus and the spasm of the respiratory bronchioles. Common presentation symptoms for asthma are shortness of breath, wet cough and wheeze. It generally affects young children around the age of five and gradually disappears when the person reaches adolescence. However, due to the increasing amount of air pollution due to vehicle exhaust, burning or industrial activity, there are more diagnosed cases of asthma even in adult patients. Furthermore, there is an increased incidence of diagnosed life-threatening cases. From here comes the need for proper treatment of asthma.

There are five generic drugs that one can consider to effectively manage asthma.

These are:

  •        Budesonide
  •        Albuterol
  •        Salmeterol
  •        Montelukast
  •        Terbutaline

Please note that before starting any asthma medications, it is important to consult with your medical doctor. They are professionals regarding the selection of the right asthma treatment plan for each individual patient, whether in the acute or chronic setting. Also, be better able to educate you on any potential side effects.

The first drug that can be considered to effectively manage and treat asthma is Budesonide, which is the generic name for the drug. This is a nebulizer medication, meaning that the drug is vaporized so that it can enter the respiratory system quickly and efficiently. Its mechanism of action is the widening of the respiratory tree so that air can enter and exit freely. Other names for budesonide are Uceris, Pulmicort, Rhinocort and Entocort. There are many options where one can buy budesonide over the counter. For instance, you can purchase budesonide at your local pharmacy or, for the convenience, order budesonide online. Budesonide’s generic cost is usually low put can vary slightly from location to location.

The next medication that can be used to treat and manage asthma is Albuterol. This drug acts as an agonist for the sympathetic receptors. By doing this, Albuterol can counteract the mechanisms of asthma leading to widening of the bronchioles and decreased spasms leading to the patient being able to breathe better. In addition, Albuterol bring about quick results which are needed for immediate relief for the patient. Albuterol is a great addition to one’s asthma treatment plans, because like budesonide, the generic form is cheap, over-the-counter drug and can be accessed either online or at your local pharmacy. Other names that can be used to refer to Albuterol is salbutamol and the drug is marketed as Ventolin. In a similar way to budesonide, Albuterol can be administered using a nebulizer, where it is able to reach the respiratory system so it can quickly act.

In contrast to Albuterol which acts on the respiratory system in the short-term, Salmeterol is a long-acting medication that is used to manage asthma. It is a steroid, which means that its mechanism of action is based on its anti-inflammatory properties. These therapeutic properties cause the bronchiole tree to open, allowing the patient to breathe easily. Also, it decreases the production of mucus hence addressing any mucus blockage allowing air to enter and leave the bronchiole tree. That`s why Salmeterol is a prime candidate for the long-term management of asthma. To be noted, that some patients require long-term management for their asthma, especially when they are prone to frequent asthma attacks. Like the other generic drugs that were mentioned before, Salmeterol also can be administered through a nebulizer so a greater amount of the drug is available to act on the respiratory system. Salmeterol may be a little more expensive than the aforementioned drugs because it is a steroid and the price can vary from location to location. The drug also has over-the-counter variants.

Montelukast is a leukotriene receptor antagonist and these type of drugs act by decreasing the inflammatory response which is one of the causative factors of asthma. It is only used for the long-term management of asthma but not for the onset of acute asthmatic symptoms. Hence it is a great addition to the asthma treatment plan. Unlike the other drugs, Montelukast can only be given orally and not as a nebulizer. Therefore, fewer quantities of the drug will be available to act on the respiratory system mostly because it has to passes through the digestive system and the liver, where it is metabolized extensively. As a result, there is less drug available to act on the respiratory system. The cost of this drug is usually low and like the others can be purchased at your local pharmacy or ordered online, however, it is not an over the counter drug and a prescription is required. Keep an eye out for its trade name, Singulair.

The last drug on the list is Terbutaline and this drug is also needed to manage and treat asthma. This drug is great for providing fast relief from asthmatic symptoms. To do this, Terbutaline acts by dilating the bronchioles of the respiratory tree allowing the patient to breathe easier. The great thing about using Terbutaline is if it is given through a nebulizer, there is immediate relief within 15 minutes, which may be necessary for asthmatic emergencies where the patient’s life is in jeopardy. Other names for Terbutaline are Bronclyn, Terbulin. The drug is not expensive but a prescription is needed to acquire the drug. You can get this drug by buying it at your local pharmacy or by ordering it online.

It is imperative that the side effect profile for each drug is known before considering them as treatment options. Again, refer to a doctor before taking any medication so as to prevent any adverse effects. All of the above mentioned medications are feasible options for the management of asthma. However, you asthma treatment plan has to be tailored to your specific needs. Asthma is a respiratory disease that should not be taken lightly. And the quicker one addresses the situation and adheres to their treatment plan, the less likely an asthmatic emergency will occur.


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