Are Social Casinos Similar to Real Money Casinos

Social Casinos Similar to Real Money Casinos

Imagine being able to enjoy the thrill and excitement that comes with playing casino games without worrying about losing cash? If you are looking to indulge in games provided by the best online casino from the comfort of your home without risking money, social casinos are the way to go. 

Since we exist in the world of social media, some of the games are available on your favorite platforms. You can either download games or play online. These games are regarded as innocent forms of entertainment and are thus not strictly regulated. This means that they are legal and come with minimal restrictions. 

Understanding Social Casinos

There is growing popularity of these games, and now more of the best online gambling houses are joining the fad. This is due to the positive reception of the games. We discuss the reasons why the market is growing and the factors that might slow the growth.

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  1. Free coins – the continuity of the games is dependent on the coins you have. This gives the games a form of authenticity since it reflects how real money games work. The bonuses you get, come in the form of daily allocation or rewards for achieving a milestone.
  2. Social aspect – you get to invite friends and compete with them through different levels. There is also the aspect of gifting within a community, and this might come in handy when you have gone through your coin allocation but still want to play.
  3. Convenience – these games allow you to participate in other activities such as chatting or browsing through your homepage.


When the free coins you receive run out, there is always an option to top up. This is great since you get to keep playing. However, you do not get money for spending money. The additional coins you purchase are not convertible to real cash when you win.

Do the Best Online Casinos offer Similar Benefits in the Social and Real Money Casinos?

The most significant difference between the two is the conversion of winnings to cash. Real gambling has the potential to grow your initial input into large sums. Those who play in social casinos can use the platforms as learning opportunities that can lead to a progression in levels. This way, when you decide to visit a real money casino, you know what you are getting into.

Social casinos significantly reduce the money-risk factor. If you are going to spend on the purchase of extra coins, the price is not much. This is also one of the reasons why it is easy to turn these games into group activities. As you advance to different levels, you form connections with other players on your level.

Additionally, you get to explore different games, and this is a great way to figure out what works best for you. Many game developers provide alternatives that are used in real money and social gambling houses which means you have variety with both. 

Social Casinos Real Money Casinos
Play at any time and place Only when online or at the casino
Less losses Prospect for high losses
No wins Prospect for great wins



It is possible to get lost in the difference between the two types of gambling. For some people, the raging question is why there is a need for both. Casinos find it useful to keep their clients occupied. Thus, the creation of social gambling is meant to allow gamblers to play their favorite games even when they are away from the real deal. 


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