Are 3-Reel Slot Games Soon to be a Thing of the Past?

The Liberty Bell slot machine is now considered an antique, but the influence of Charles Fey’s 1895 machine on the gambling industry has been astounding. The clunky, 3-reel, lever-operated slot game gave birth to a whole new genre of gambling game, and since its inception, slots have evolved enormously. With the rise of the internet and online gambling sites, 5-reel slot games have become more popular for modern players. Could this mean that 3-reel slot games could soon become a thing of the past?

One-armed bandits of the early 20th Century are now classified as nothing more than ornaments, but gamblers should show some appreciation to the games which started off one of the most popular forms of gambling. 3-reel slot games can still be found in some places, usually in land-based casinos, but nowadays they are button-operated. 5-reel slot games have become a major craze online. Comparing the 2 formats, players often choose 3-reel slot games for their simplicity, and 5-reel slots for more engaging game play.

The rise of 5-reel slot games could see machines which use three reels get phased out in the years to come. These advanced machines are often used as a selling point for online casinos and a way to attract new players who are looking for the cutting edge in entertainment. For example, one of the exciting features at Night Rush casino is the fact that the site has over 600 games which use cutting edge technology and the latest graphics. 3-reel slot games don’t serve to entice players in the same way.

The reason why 3-reel slot games may soon be phased out is that the genre is still continuing to progress and evolve. The next step for the games is to incorporate augmented and virtual reality elements. Some titles like Jack’s VR World and Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt are already toying with the possibilities of the new technology. The 3-reel standard games may come across as too old-fashioned to players of the newer offerings.

Slot machine lovers should appreciate the 3-reel games of old which started it all. But as the industry continues to advance, it seems like this sub-section of the genre could be on the way out. Slot games could be moving into a new era now, with VR likely to be the next major innovation.

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