April Fools Day Prank Ideas For The Office

April Fools’ Day is a really odd holiday. On one hand, everyone loves April Fools’ Day because it is a fun filled day. On the other hand, if you are the butt of April fools day pranks. You go like, to hell with that holiday! It’s the most horrible holiday!

Regardless of which side of the spectrum you fall on, everyone gets at least a bit of kick out of these exceptional April fools prank ideas. You can squirm along with the unwary victims or take some notes for your revenge next year. It’s your call!

April fools prank ideas

If your office atmosphere is filled with a good and healthy sense of humor and you’re looking for some light-hearted and harmless fun on 1st of April, sneak a quick look through our April fools prank ideas and don’t forget to share your own suggestions below in comments.

April fool’s day prank ideas for the office:

Restroom surprise

April fools prank ideas 

Take a print out of a full-size face (you can print a monsters face or an animal or even your boss!) Attach the printout to the base of the toilet seat facing upwards. Don’t forget to close the lid of the toilet. Watch and laugh when your prankee lifts the lid, and screams with shock!

Who called who?

April fools prank ideas 

This april fools pranks for kids idea will help you prank two colleagues at the same time, if your office phone system has provisions for conference calling. All you need to do is call the first prankee’s extension, then quickly call the second prankee and push the conference button. Now both of them will think the other one called them and will start arguing over who called who!

Foiled yet again

April fools prank ideas 

This is one of those April fools prank ideas that can only be performed in an office where a large number of people are prepared to “gang up” on one victim. To pull off this prank you need to buy quite a lot of aluminum foil rolls (preferably restaurant size). The prankster’s gang should wait until their victim leaves for home on 31st March. Now, go to your victim’s office or cubicle and start wrapping everything in aluminum foil: chair, desk, books, computer, pencils, etc. It won’t take too long, if you have enough people helping you out. Make sure you take lots of pictures!

Whose bag is it?

April fools prank ideas 

Leave an unattended gym bag somewhere in the office (toilets’, coffee rooms, elevator or corridor). Someone will surely try to open the bag in order to identify who the bag belongs to. Inside the bag leave some awkward and tacky items (XXXL underwear, Pam Anderson fan magazines and so on). Don’t forget to put a fake ID with your prankee’s name notably displayed. This is the king of embarrassing April fools prank ideas, isn’t it?

Drawer Disorder

 April fools prank ideas

Take out the desk drawers from your victim’s desk and switch it with someone else’s. (If it’s not possible to remove the drawers, just pull out all of their stuff and swap it with the other victims stuff). Wait till they open their drawers and get shocked. Another addition to this amazing April fool’s day prank idea for the office is to replace all of your victim’s pens with pens that have their caps glued on.

Missed calls

 April fools prank ideas

If you sit close to a colleague you’d like to prank try this April fool’s prank idea. Every time your prankee stands up and starts walking away from his or her desk, dial their phone number. The instant they turn back to go to their desk to answer the call, hang up. Repeat the same procedure until they are totally stressed out and irritated!

Who touched the boss’s chair?

 April fools prank ideas

Take the classy chair out of your boss’s office and replace it with the most hideous chair in the office. Whoever had that hideous chair will almost certainly be happily surprised to see a new classy chair, and the boss would be more than annoyed to see his chair is missing. Wait till your annoyed comes to take it back. However, before trying this April fool’s day prank idea for the office ensure that your boss has a good sense of humor!

Delicious yet suspicious

 April fools prank ideas

Bring some brownies to work on 1st of April and put them in the coffee or lunch room, with a sign that reads “Happy April Fool’s Day!”  Watch with amusement when your colleagues look way too worried to eat your brownies!

Trick the boss

 April fools prank ideas

For this April fools prank idea bring together all your coworkers to play a practical joke on your boss. All through the day, each and every one of you should send a voicemail, email or leave a note for your boss, asking for a leave of absence for a few days. Everyone should state a different reason for leave: sick family member, doctor’s appointment etc. Wait till you boss gets annoyed with you all and calls an emergency meeting to discuss the issue, wish him “Happy April fool’s day” and make the best out of the prank!

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