Easy April Fools Ideas That Take Less Than 5 Minutes

april fools ideas

Did you get punk’d last year on April Fools’ Day and didn’t have anything planned for revenge? Don’t be sad, because we have a couple of classic April fools ideas that you can easily pull this year on the national holiday of pranks!

april fools ideas

These aren’t too elaborate or time-consuming April fools ideas rather these are quick and fun to do ideas. We can promise you one thing though; the reaction on the prankee’s face is going to be nothing short of PRICELESS. After all, it’s the inconspicuous pranks that pack the most shock.

These April fools prank ideas can be pulled in less than five minutes and they require only a small number of supplies to rustle up. However, as exciting as they are, they’d still require some careful planning. PS: Don’t expect to be pardoned anytime before mid-April at least!

  1. Toothpaste filled Oreos

 april fools ideas

This is one of easiest April fools ideas; all you need to do is buy a pack of oreos and replace the cream filling with white toothpaste. Wait till your prankee gets a scrumptious bite of toothpaste oreos, rest assured this prank is definitely going to start a prank war!

  1. Squirting Water Bottle

april fools ideas

Take an empty plastic water bottle and with the help of a sewing needle poke several tiny pinholes into the water bottle. Now fill it up water and gently wipe it from outside and put it on the counter. When someone tries to pick it up, the pressure exerted by their hand will cause a spray of water to go all over the place!

  1. Everything comes to life with googly Eyes

 april fools ideas

Looking for fun April fools ideas, how about this one? Bring all objects in your refrigerator, wardrobe, room or office to life with the help of googly eyes. This works practically in all places including: on gadgets, photos, appliances, shoes or you can even sprinkle googly eyes into an ice cube tray. Can you imagine how funny that would be?

  1. Un-drinkable Juice

april fools ideas

Fill a normal juice glass with gelatin and place it in your fridge. Next morning when it becomes firm, offer your kids a sip of the juice and watch them wonder what is going on!

  1. Lets correct the AUTOCORRECT

april fools ideas

If you are thinking of cool April fools ideas to mess with your hubby dearest well get into his laptop, go to settings and click on the keyboard menu, here you can add your own shortcuts. Think of the wackiest word ever, and replace it with a rather common word- for instance you can change “What” to “bullabulluu” or “This” to “grumpypants.” If this won’t drive him mad then what would?

  1. Non-sudsing soap

april fools ideas

Take a bar of soap and paint it with clear nail polish (the ones that are used for top coat) and let it dry. Now put the non-sudsing soap in the bathroom and wait for your family members surprise when they try to lather it up.

  1. TV Timeout

april fools ideas

Play a prank on both dad and the kids by pasting small pieces of clear tape on the sensors of your TV remote; to infuriate them some more do the same with their gaming console remotes.

  1. Upturned House

april fools ideas

As soon as everyone hits the bed, turn as many objects upside down as you possibly can, this includes photo frames, chairs, toys and clocks. When everyone wakes up the next morning, they’ll wonder what happened in the house.

  1. April fool ideas for Facebook

 april fools ideas

This is fun prank to pull on your Facebook “friends” – All you need to do is simply change your birthday to 1st April and watch the birthday messages come rolling in. The very next morning don’t forget to gloat by posting on your Facebook wall how you fooled everyone.

  1. Office Prank – This Stall is occupied

 april fools ideas

Bring an extra pair of shoes and trousers to work; you’ll also need newspaper for stuffing. In a toilet stall with a little gap at bottom, arrange your items in such a way that it appears like someone is using that stall. Lock the stall and leave your colleagues confused for the rest of the day.


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