Angela Deem Weight Loss Journey, Photos, and All You Need to Know

Who doesn’t know the popular name of Angela Deem, the television and film star from the United States of America?

A film and TV star is also a social media influencer, a model, and a dominant media face. Recently, Angela Deem weight loss has gathered immense media attention. So, before diving into that compelling story, let’s look at who Angela Deem is.

90 Days Fiance Angela Deem weight loss story has attracted substantial media attention. The opinionated star of this show has gained attention worldwide and has immense love from her fans. You might have a hard time recognizing her if you see Angela Deem weight loss photos.

Angela Deem

The spotlight has been turned towards Deem to cover her incredible story of losing 90lbs after undergoing three surgeries. She had posted her photo on her official Instagram account in July 2021, where she had shown her recent figure.

Looking much younger following the surgeries, she has surprised her paparazzi due to her massive transformation.

The new glamourous look has been the new gossip for all her fans. Season six of the show has revealed a new look to the fans.

The popular television series 90-Days Fiance stars Angela Deem. However, due to the immense backlash she received due to her weight, she resolved to lose weight, and boom, she is losing 40 kg.

The new photograph of her selfie with massive pink hoops, white jumpsuit, and high ponytail taken on her birthday has been a real show-stopper.

How did Angela Deem rise to fame?

Born in the town of Hazlehurst in Georgia State of United States of America in 1965, Angela Kaye Deem shares her birth date to be December 9. So, as of 2021, Angela Deem age is 56 years.

Deem is an alumnus of Boone High School, where she passed her high school. From the very beginning, she was a very ambitious woman. Angela Deem weight loss story adds another feather to that crown.

Angela weight loss stories have a lot to share with the public. She was determined to make more money and earn fame from her childhood.

Those of us acquainted with this name know that she is immensely successful in achieving both of these goals. Thus, once she had set her eyes on losing weight, no one would have possibly stopped her from achieving that.

There are many Angela Deem weight loss photos, which have shocked her fan followers. The stunning look that she has on the images has placed her in the hearts of her fans.

Angela Deem makeover

After undergoing several surgeries, Angela had lost 40kg or 90lbs weight. In August 2020, she had experienced many surgeries, including breast reduction operations, liposuction, and gastric sleeve surgeries.

She further expressed her wish to live long, and the fact that obesity tampered with her life expectancy is something that she abhorred. Hence, the desire to live young and fit propelled her towards undertaking these surgeries.

Angela Deem weight loss photos

You shouldn’t miss Angela Deem weight loss photos to motivate yourself and push towards a weight loss journey.

The slimmer physique has inspired many plus-size individuals to embark on a near-to-impossible journey of losing weight.

The joint birthday bash of her granddaughters, Ana (6) and Rae (8), was the show-stopper for her weight loss images. The cute selfie of the grandma with her granddaughters revealed the slimmer version of Angela Deem.

Angela Deem weight loss surgery

Angela Deem used to be a chain smoker. She even recognizes that smoking has caused many health troubles for her.

One of the reasons for her breathlessness was smoking. But, when she couldn’t walk to the nearest grocery store due to shortness of breath, she could no longer blame her practice of smoking.

Visiting Nigeria was a revelation where she realized she had gained weight. According to her, her bigger boobs covered up her weight gain for external viewers.

However, she could feel the trouble she was facing due to a substantive weight loss. In an interview with US Weekly, she confessed all of these and shared the motivation behind undergoing surgery for weight loss.

She further said that women usually lose weight or gain weight with age, and she was inclined towards the latter.

But, she was determined to look younger and stay fit as long as possible. Deem felt that her death was near, which propelled her decision to undergo these surgeries, no matter how much it cost her.

However, her husband was not at all in agreement with these decisions. He accepted Deem as whoever she was. He clearly stated that he is not fond of surgeries and doesn’t want any cut, especially on his wife’s body.

This type of sweet love connection has also evoked popular media hype. Fans have also hyped about how much respect Michaele has for his wife’s body.

Michaele was also concerned about his wife’s health and the side effects of these surgeries. Most doctors prefer exercises and tagging that line; Michaele also dissuaded her from undergoing the surgeries. However, thankfully, his worries didn’t come true. Deem is now happy and also healthy in her new light skin.

Angela Deem surgery

Angela Deem now

After losing 90 pounds, the figure of Angela Deem has landed on a beautiful version of herself. An interview on March 2021 revealed that she had done gastric sleeve surgery.

However, her husband didn’t force her to undergo weight-loss surgery, and it was her conscious decision to emerge at the present state. According to her, she needed to do this to better her health.

However, this health concern is a subject of debate among many doctors and physicians/ Most of them believe that losing weight through burning calories is the best for the body.

Even though it takes time and energy, its effectiveness remains unmatched. The mind-body sync and the goal-orientation that one develops is a massive plus of losing weight through exercise.

Angela Deem net worth

Angela Deem weight loss thus brought all the attention that she deserved towards her. Known from the 90 Days Fiance show, Angela Deem has now caught media attention.

After featuring in 90 Days Fiance, her net worth is 1-2 million US dollars, including promotions and sponsorships.

Angela Deem is opinionated and loud. Her love story and her own story have gravitated her fans’ attention towards her.

Thus, to keep this vibrant career growing is enough motivation for losing weight. However, plastic surgery is not very cheap.

She had flown to Beverly Hills to do the surgery, and this wasn’t a very cheap affair. So, this throws substantial light on the net worth of Angela Deem. $25,000 were required to do a face-lift surgery.

Thus, it is debatable how she can afford it after going through the five-pronged surgeries, including breast reduction and gastric sleeve surgery.

One million US dollars is not much of net worth for Angela Deem, and over 600,000 users follow her on Instagram. We don’t have any knowledge regarding the exact amount of money that Deem makes from sponsorships. However, Go Banking rates’ estimates suggest that influencers, based on their popularity, can earn anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000 per post.

Her family

Angela Deem weight loss story has also thrown sufficient light on her background. Even though she was a famous face well before her weight loss journey, the media limelight shifted after losing weight.

Nothing much is known about her father, but many Instagram pictures suggest that Angela and her mother were close. However, unfortunately, her mother passed away recently. She is not much vocal about her siblings. Her religion is Christianity, and she comes from white ethnicity.

Angela Deem daughters

Angela Deem is a mother of two daughters named Scottie and Scyla. Also, she has six grandchildren, who are the main backbone of her support. Her daughters don’t have a spotless history. US police also arrested Scottie Deem for rape charges and child molestation cases. She was even involved in a sexual relationship with a minor. Allegedly, she took the chance of her absent boyfriend to engage in this way with the juvenile present in her home. The victim’s grandmother also alleged that the sexual intercourse happened more than once.

Even if Scottie had to serve three 20 year prison terms, she was released after 15 months.

Skyler was also featured on the famous show. This happened when Angela thought of using Skyle’s eggs for making a baby with Michaele.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

The internet is also very familiar with Angela Deem and Michael, her husband. So, in a recent interview, she also spoke her heart loud. Her husband looks young. So, to be a better fit for her husband, Angela decided to lose weight and shed the old looks when she was obese.

However, the surgeries weren’t easy for her. She couldn’t have food regularly in the post-operation phase that extended for nearly three months. The general discomfort was also high these days.

Angela’s love life has always been on a steamy heat. In the initial half of this year, on January 021, Angela married Michael Ilesanmi. The ceremony was not very grand owing to the Covid restrictions, and their family members witnessed this sweet occasion. Age was no bar for them as Michael is around 20 years younger than Angela. But, as we all know, love always finds its way.

However, their relationship has also hit a rocky edge. According to her, she doesn’t get the support of Michael when she is going through a rough phase in her life. Also, she added, Michael was different before the wedding. He was a caring person back then. But, he changed a lot once they had tied the knot.

Deem further added that Michael also didn’t support her during her surgeries. Even though Michael has not made any statement regarding their separation, the parting of ways looks pretty likely.


As far as the career of Angela Deem is concerned, she hopped in several windows. Working in a clinic was the beginning of her career, where she halted for many years.

Angela Deem store

After that, she started her entrepreneurship. Angela Deem Store is her online garments store where you can get beautifully embellished budget-friendly clothes. She now has a bigger brand.

There are mainly two predominant designs on her shop right now. One t-shirt expresses her love and support for Donald Trump. Classiest B***h top is another design of t-shirt. So, the shop is gaining popularity gradually.

90 Days Fiance

Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem met in the 90 Days’ Fiance TV series. She had her casting in 24 episodes where she met other actors such as Darcey Silva, Paul Staehle, Karine Martins, and others. Also, she worked in other parts of the series like 90 Days’ Fiance: HEA Strikes Back, 90 Day Bares All, 90 Days Fiance: Happily Ever After, 90 Days Fiance: Pillow Talk, 90 Days Fiance: Love Games, and others.

Here are some facts you didn’t know about Deem-

  • She is an animal lover, and Takeshi is her pet’s name
  • Deem appeared on US Musts’ cover page
  • She started smoking at a very early age
  • Dr. World Wide interviewed Angela Deem in June on 2021
  • She appeared on a podcast with Dr. Drew
  • Nigerian Lives Matter movement has the support of Deem
  • Angela Deem started liking salad only after her surgeries.

Final Thoughts

If Angela Deem weight loss story has inspired you, then this article should have helped you a lot to know her in more detail. Let’s hope your motivation stays alive and this time, the New Year Resolution to lose weight also gets its fulfillment.

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