5 Amazon SEO Tips And How To Rank Your Listings

5 Amazon SEO Tips And How To Rank Your Listings

Search engine optimization is incredibly difficult to master on any platform, and it’s no different on Amazon. This is one of the toughest sites to sell your product on, especially if you’re just starting out. The sheer number of people who are out there just like you battling to get their product noticed is unimaginable, and some people are always going to sell more than others. We want you to be one of the lucky ones whos product sells the best, and that’s why you need to know how to get a good ranking on Amazon.

This is done by cracking the A9 algorithm, which Amazon use to decide what products show up first when people search for them. This works in a similar way to other search engines such as Google, where a number of factors combine to decide what products appear first when generic things are typed into the Amazon search bar. In general, products which have a history of selling well appear at the top of these rankings- that’s why it’s so hard for new sellers to get their foot in the door and make their way up the rankings.

It can be done though, and you just need to know how. That’s why we’re here- so here’s our top 5 tips for improving your Amazon SEO.

  1. Sell Your Product

This may sound a bit stupid and obvious, but it’s simple enough- selling your product will boost your search engine optimisation. This is because the A9 algorithm favours products which have a history of selling, which pushes them up the Amazon rankings and puts your product nearer the top of search results. Even a small number of sales will greatly boost your chances of moving up these rankings and going on to sell more in the future.

2. Use Good Keywords

When you are writing your product description, you need to select your keywords very carefully. These are the words that, when typed into the Amazon search bar by users, will put your product onto their screens. Make sure that you keep your keywords direct and concise, and have just the right amount. This will help to boost your Amazon ranking and help you sell more.

5 Amazon SEO Tips And How To Rank Your Listings

3. Choose Good Images

Most people decide what product they’re going to buy based on the images they look at, so you need to make sure yours are up to scratch. Make them bright, clear and showcase all the good things about your product; this will make it seem more attractive and make people more likely to purchase it.

4. Monitor Your Ranking.

Regularly checking up on your ranking is very helpful. This will allow you to decide whether or not the marketing tactics, keywords and images you are using on Amazon are working, or if you’ll need to change things up.

5. Advertise Your Product

Putting out different forms of advertisements for your product will provide a wider spread of knowledge about it. This will make people more aware of it and therefore more likely to buy it. This will boost your Amazon ranking and therefore your search engine optimisation, making you more likely to sell even more in the future.


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