All You Need to Know About Hiring a San Jose Car Accident Lawyer

In San Jose, CA, vehicle crashes are on the rise. In 2018, 52 people lost their lives in these accidents, up from 46 in 2017. Many more were left nursing physical injuries.

If you’ve been in a car accident, you know the consequences can be dire. First, count your lucky stars for making out it alive. But then, car accident injuries can leave you hospitalized for a long time, meaning you won’t be able to work and earn a living.

After getting treatment or otherwise ensuring you’re out of danger, the next cause of action is to hire a San Jose car accident lawyer.

In this article, we’re sharing tips on how to find the best lawyer in this area.

Not All Car Accident Lawyers Are Suitable for Your Case

If you’ve never hired an auto accident lawyer in the past, you’d easily think any lawyer carrying that title can take up your case.

Well, technically any licensed lawyer can handle your case, but you want someone who has enough experience dealing with cases like yours.

For instance, if you go into an accident because you were driving under the influence, you want a San Jose car accident lawyer who has dealt with accident cases involving DUI. This is the professional who will give you the best chance of getting a favorable income.

Ensure the Lawyer Holds a State-Specific License

In 2016, a fake lawyer was imprisoned. Guess how long they had been posing as a lawyer? A whopping 10 years!

Cases like these aren’t uncommon. If you’re not careful when hiring a lawyer, you could easily end up with someone who isn’t even a qualified lawyer. Or you could get a lawyer, yes, but one who isn’t licensed to practice in California.

This is why one of the checks you must do before hiring a San Jose auto accident lawyer is their license. Don’t just look at the details and give them a nod. Do an attorney search on the State Bar of California’s website and verify their details.

Professional Reputation Matters

Just because a lawyer has an active California license and sufficient experience dealing on cases like yours doesn’t mean they’re the right fit.

Go a step further and check their professional reputation.

Are they the kind of lawyers who abandon their clients when the case gets tough or when the odds of losing increase? Do they represent their clients in person or do they delegate the case to their assistant lawyers?

Finding answers to questions like these will help you gauge their professional reputation. You can go online, look up their reviews, and read what comes up.

If you find lots of negative reviews and client complaints, find another lawyer. If they have no reviews, it probably means they’re new to the practice.

Hire the Right San Jose Car Accident Lawyer

When you’ve been an accident in San Jose, it doesn’t matter whether you were at fault or not. After taking care of your health, hiring a San Jose car accident lawyer should be next on your priority list. And with this guide, you now know what it takes to find the best lawyer.

As you embark on your search, ensure you have a good understanding of the lawsuit process.

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