All About A Cyber Attack


People now days are more dependent on the use of a computer, laptop, and the Internet. This is the main reason that we are so much open to a cyber attack. We unknowingly click “Like”, “Tweet” and “+1” button to share content with friends. Social Media like Instagram, facebook, and twitter have valuable tracking tools which can easily record our personal information and store it in the database. The social widgets work on cookies. Those cookies are the small files stored inside the computer. They play an important role in tracking our personal information and sharing the same to other portals.

Like this, the big advertisers are taking advantage of leveraging their business collecting the user data purposefully from many social sites.

How social media platform violates privacy?

Social media violates the privacy of their users through data scrapping and leaking personal information of users to third-party advertisers to make extra money.

So be careful in the digital age and think before making an online move.

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Social media violates the privacy of its users in many ways. As a result, we get open to many cyber issues. It involves credit card theft, fraud and identity theft, spam, and phishing. This is conducted over the internet and regarded as a crime in the eyes of law. In today’s age, most of our communications and business activities are done online.


Day by day more and more cybercrime are taking places in the field of business, industries many other sectors. Since the last five years, it increased dramatically causing not only financial damage to the community but also to their personal privacy. Social media is the core culprit of the whole thing. The social website plays an active role in collecting personal information of the individual, their likes and preference and social behavior. They forward that information to many other third-party advertisers and online marketers to generate money.

The computer and network-related crimes are otherwise called Cybercrimes. Here the computer is used to commit the crime. The crime starts with targeting a particular computer. Recently people are experiencing many kinds of Cybercrimes. A few of them are discussed below. All these crimes are intentional and targeted to an invasion of one’s online privacy through social websites.


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