Will Bad Weather Affect My TV Signal?

Will Bad Weather Affect My TV Signal?

The weather could have a great impact on the TV signal if you are not getting services through a cable connection. There are certain weather conditions that can affect signal transmission. The intrusion that can be caused by the change in weather conditions is temporary and it would be okay once the weather gets normal. If you are facing issues regarding your TV services on daily basis, and it goes in and out a lot, you need to see where it goes wrong. Does your service go out only when it’s bad weather or even it gets affected by only fog or wind? We are going to talk about the connection which gets affected by the change in weather condition, and we are going to suggest a connection which is reliable and does not get affected by bad weather. In this blog, you will know about your cable TV provider.

Connection affected by bad weather

The connection which mostly gets affected by bad weather is satellite. It’s a wireless system and the signals transmitted through the satellite. A dish is installed on your roof or at a place where you get a clear view of the southern sky. The signals are transmitted from the satellite and received by the dish. People are usually getting services through satellite in a remote or rural area where no other connection is available. In past, the companies used to provide the typical big dishes but now things have changed. They have worked on their equipment and now they offer smart dishes which usually don’t get affected by bad weather but still you face issues regarding your service in the bad weather as the signals are transmitted through the air. The change in weather is beyond our control and we cannot do anything about it. The bad weather affects the signal reception. The signal reception could be affected by even wind, cloud, or rain. Severe weather conditions like heavy snow or thunderstorms can badly affect your TV signal reception and your service might go out for days which will be super frustrating. You can face issues regarding the signal reception if you are getting services through a fixed antenna. Their ability to capture the signals can be lessened during such events.

Which connection works fine even in bad weather?

The connection which is most reliable and doesn’t get affected by the changes in the weather is the cable connection. The signals are transmitted through cable so it doesn’t get affected by thunderstorm or rain. You will only be facing issues regarding the signals if the cable gets damaged or your equipment does not support the connection. The cable is installed under the ground, that’s why thunderstorms or heavy snow won’t affect the signal transmission. Cold weather doesn’t affect the cable connection but hot weather can affect the cable. The cable gets melt in hot weather or the equipment gets heated, which can affect the signal transmission but that happens once in a blue moon. There are many service providers like Cox cable uses COAX cable for the services that cannot get affected by the bad weather. The signal can get interrupted if the coaxial cables get damaged which doesn’t happen often. It is very rare. Cable connection is the most reliable and widely available connection and companies like COX give you an option to go with a contract or no contract and both options come with a promotional price. If you are living at a place where the weather changes often and cable connection is available in your area, try to get it as it won’t be affected by the bad weather.

Final thoughts

If you are getting service through a satellite connection and you are living in an area where you often face change in weather, you can take some precautions if you face poor signal reception and that might help you. Try to install your dish at a place which is a dry area. Use the spray in the bad weather which should be non-sticky spray like the one we use while cooking, so the water doesn’t stay on the dish. If you face signal issues even when the weather is okay, ask the technician to visit you and see what’s wrong. Try not to become a technician as that can make the situation worse. The best option is that you get the cable connection if that is available in your area and you will have the peace of mind that even in the bad weather when you cannot go out, you can enjoy your coffee at your house while watching your favorite sports or movies channels. As described earlier, cable connection doesn’t get affected by bad weather, if you still face the issue, contact the technical support department and discuss your concern with them so they can tell you if there is an outage in your area or something is wrong at your end and they can help you out restoring your services.


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