5 Fun & Worthwhile Activities to Do in Queensland

Are you planning for a trip to Queensland and wondering the kind of fun activities to engage in? This place is a true wonder berry with stunning locales, buzzing markets, and decadent gourmet items. Visiting this place is not too expensive if you avail travel offers, which will help you keep your family finances in check. Places like the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef are top tourist attractions. The splendid area abounds with natural wonders and beautiful islands that you should not miss. Here is a list of fun activities to do on your memorable trip.

1. Spend A Day Exploring the Town of 1770

A trip to Queensland sounds fabulous and with a handy app like Trip Advisor, planning a visit to the place is as easy as baking a chocolate chip cookie or handing paperless paystubs to your employees. When in Queensland, start by checking out the amazing Town of 1770. As intriguing as it sounds, the Town of 1770 is surely a marvel, which takes you back into retro times. Spend a day exploring this marvelous town so you personally experience the iconic place and its surroundings for yourself. The adventure heightens when you take the trip in a bright pink LARC, a special vehicle crafted to deliver supplies during war times. Take the tour in this amphibious automobile and check out the amazing landscape, the historic sites, and the splendid architecture.

2. Check Out the Undara Lava Tubes

A visit to Queensland will not be complete without discovering the famous Undara Lava Tubes on Savanna Way. Based in outback Queensland, it’s a cool place marred by natural structures like cones, volcanoes, and vents. The rugged landscape consists of almost 164 volcanoes known to erupt lava that you can see trailing down the slopes. It sure is a fascinating view, an experience that is indelible and unique. The place also offers a half-day Archway Explorer Lava Tubes tour where you can uncover some lava tubes from the surrounding volcanoes.

3. Drive across the Waterfall Way, Atherton

Being a travel enthusiast, you must have heard of the MillaaMillaa Falls in Queensland. The place includes a waterfall way that is breathtaking and jaw-dropping fabulous. You can reach this point after about an hour’s drive southeast from Cairns, which will bring you to the Atherton Tablelands region. From here, you can enjoy a nice comfortable drive through the 15 km Waterfall Way Circuit that surrounds the region characterized by some of the best waterfalls. While you are in the Atherton Tablelands region, you can go for mountain biking, hiking along the trail, hot air ballooning or try some awesome beverages like the local cappuccino.

4. Check Out The Airlie Beach

If you are on a holiday trip with the kids, this is the go-to spot for you. An exciting town, the Airlie Beach offers a slew of interesting amenities for visitors. You can enjoy spending time picnicking on the sandy beach. The place has loads of restaurants, bars, cafes and well-known spots that you definitely do not want to miss. A fun town, Airlie Beach buzzes with people during the night with tourists flocking to the area to try some luscious snacks and enjoy the cool breeze.

5. Explore the Lady Musgrave Island

A trip to San Diego or the Caribbean sure sounds thrilling but wait until you have seen the Lady Musgrave Island. The Island situates in the Great Barrier Reef featuring magnificent landscape reflecting the scenic beauty and natural aesthetics. It is about 90 minutes of boat ride from the Town of 1770. You will surely love every minute of the trip as you take in the sight of marvelous natural structures and the tides splashing across your ride along the way. The island itself is a brilliant place to explore representing a coral cay, lined with pebbled rocks, green plants, and gritty formations. There is a lagoon nearby where you can enjoy snorkeling or diving. Do not forget to bring some snacks & drinks along.

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