Acid Reflux: Alkaline Water Benefits Backed By Science

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, more than 60 million Americans have heartburn at least once every month.

There are several well-known treatments for acid reflux, but may be the most straightforward solution has been readily available in your home the entire time. 

Hours after eating, heartburn may be quite uncomfortable and can make you feel guilty about indulging in your favorite foods.

Heartburn and acid reflux are typical digestive problems that afflict millions of individuals yearly. 

Many individuals adopt natural treatments and look for the underlying reasons for these uncomfortable symptoms. 

In this article, we shall understand alkaline and its use and benefits in treating acid reflux and heartburn. 

What Is Alkaline Water?

Water’s pH level, which runs from 0 to 14, affects how acidic it is. Seven is regarded as the neutral pH

In the United States, tap water typically has a pH between 4.3 and 5.3, which is below that. However, according to EPA recommendations, tap water’s pH level should range from 6.5 to 8.5.

Bottled water must adhere to different requirements if it makes an alkaline claim. In some instances, producers alter the chemical composition of the water using a unique gadget. 

Sometimes they modify the pH of the water by adding fertilizers. For example, bottled water with an alkalinity level below 7 has a pH over 7.3 and vice versa.

According to the American Water Institute, black coffee has a pH of roughly 5.3 and tap water in the US frequently has a pH below 7. White wine has a pH of 6, which is neutral, while orange juice has a pH of 3.3.

How Does Alkaline Water Help Reduce Acid Reflux?

Given below are a number of benefits of alkaline water that helps reduce acid reflux:

Promotes Better Nutrition Absorption

The digestive tracts of American adults are frequently acidic, which reduces the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients from the diet. As the GI tract’s helpful bacteria multiply, intestinal inflammation starts to decline, and symptoms of digestion, including gas, constipation, and diarrhea, start to lessen.

Alkaline water hydrates the colon, changes its pH level, and flushes toxins and free radicals from the digestive system. Additionally, it includes minerals like magnesium, calcium, and others that have moderate laxative effects to aid digestion—bacteria in the colon aid in food digestion and the delivery of nutrients to circulation.

When the digestive system is in good shape, it can raise metabolism and improve food digestion. The pace at which your body consumes calories and extra fat is known as metabolism. Slow digestion makes it difficult for the body to use its energy efficiently. However, one’s resting metabolic rate can be raised with proper water.

Balances Effects Of Coffee

Coffee lovers all across the globe recommend brewing with naturally alkaline water. The minerals in naturally alkaline water assist in bringing the acidity and bitterness of coffee beans into equilibrium. 

A deeper, stronger, and more rounded flavor is produced by mellowing the often bitter elements of coffee. In addition, numerous naturally occurring minerals found in Waiakea will increase the nutritious value of your everyday cup of coffee. 

You’ll also receive magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other nutrients from coffee in addition to its antioxidants. Alkaline water is a great addition to your morning coffee since it can assist increase energy and metabolism.

Boosts Energy

Alkaline water can assist in balancing the bloodstream’s acid content. As a result, your energy will grow from neutralizing the acid, and your metabolism will ultimately be boosted. Due to its high pH values, alkaline water has moisturizing properties that reduce weariness. When it comes to your body’s energy, hydration is crucial.

Regularly consuming alkaline water might help your circulatory system operate more efficiently. This is because it changes the blood’s composition to allow for more oxygen delivery to the body’s organs. 

Benefits include promoting absorption and digestion, bone strength, weight loss, improved hydration for the body and skin, and anti-aging and purifying qualities.

Reduces Body Toxins

Alkaline water may balance your body’s acidity since it has a higher pH than ordinary drinking water. This water is ten times more alkaline than normal drinking water, typically having a neutral pH of 7.3. 

Lowering the amount of acidic waste in your kidneys and digestive system may also improve your body’s capacity to remove toxins. You won’t notice a substantial difference in your body if you drink a bottle of alkaline water every other day. 

However, suppose you drink a gallon of alkaline water every day. In that case, your body will have to work harder to maintain its pH, which will eventually cause it to create more digestive enzymes and gastric secretions.

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