A Timeless Accessory: 5 Tips on Choosing Stylish Men’s Watches

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Stylish men’s watches have been a classic gift dating back before 1868 when the first known wristwatch was gifted.

This timeless accessory is hard to beat when it comes to a great gift choice. The hard part? Choosing just the right watch for your loved one.

Fortunately, we have 5 tips on choosing the perfect wristwatch to suit the tastes and style of your man.

Stylish Men’s Watches: 5 Tips on Choosing

When it comes to a more personal gift like a wristwatch, one size does not fit all. Literally. There are a huge variety of bands, materials, faces, and styles to select from.

So, before you pull out your wallet, be sure you know the personal tastes and style of the man you’re buying for.

1. Research

The hard fact of the matter is, that to buy a quality wristwatch for your man, you must educate yourself. There is simply too much to know about what a real quality watch entails to go out and plunk down your money for the first watch you see.

The old adage, “buy nice or buy twice” is true.

If you want to be sure you’re purchasing a good watch, worth the money, do your research first. This means comparing prices, brands, warranties, etc.

2. Determine Value

What good is a high-priced watch if your fella is too worried about losing it to wear it? Determining value is a key pointer for choosing the right watch.

One good way to look at this is to determine how much the desired watch will cost, in relation to how often it will be used and how much it will be loved.

If it’s going to become a family heirloom then it just may be worth a bit more to you upfront.

3. Select the Right Band

You know your guy much better than a sales clerk knows him. So if you’re trying to figure out whether to opt for leather watch bands, metal, or some other material, don’t ask the clerk.

Ask your honey.

If it’s going to be a surprise gift, find some sneaky way of finding out what material would be most suitable for him. You may be surprised to discover he would rather have a silver band to fit with his perfect work wardrobe.

4. Know Your Warranty

If you’re spending hundreds on a nice wristwatch for your man, you’ll be kicking yourself in a year when it’s time for a repair or cleaning and you didn’t get that warranty.

Just like any large expense, a watch is an investment. Purchasing a warranty for your watch is a wise investment.

5. Know How to Care For It

Too often consumers make an expensive purchase like a watch, without knowing how to care for it properly.

If your man’s favorite watch is a pain in the you-know-what to care and maintain, it may not be worth it to him. One great tip before purchasing a watch is to ask the seller what maintenance and cleaning of the watch requires.

This will not only help you keep your new watch in perfect condition, but it’ll help you know if it’s too high maintenance for your tastes.

More Styling Tips

Now that you’ve got the gist of how to choose the perfect stylish men’s watches, what about the rest of the family?

Take a look at our article on choosing the right kid’s wardrobe. Trust us, your little ones will thank you.

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