A Student’s Guide to Off-Campus Housing in Boston


Known for its historical significance, Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. The town is famous for its monuments and tourist attractions, and while it attracts thousands of tourists, many reputed educational institutions make the city a hub for young adults. Thousands of students move to Boston to pursue education from Boston University, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Medical School. Here is a student guide for Off-Campus Housing in Boston.

While some students resort to living in the dorms, many plan to move out after the freshmen year. Since college is pretty tough, and students are always on a budget, they start their hunt to find shared housing in Boston. Shared housing in Boston is the most affordable and convenient off-campus accommodation for students. Finding the perfect room for rent in Boston can be a time-consuming task and if you are first-timers in the rental hunting, being overwhelmed and confused are apparent. To help you through the rental process, we curated the ultimate guide to off-campus housing in Boston.

  1. Before you start looking: Do’s
  2. Student-friendly Neighborhoods
  3. Tips and Tricks to Save Money

Before you start looking: Do’s

Before starting looking up affordable rooms for rent in Boston, you might need to do a little homework. Researching well about the average rent in the neighborhoods nearby and planning a budget might be a daunting task, but it would be of great help. Additionally, the right mindset is a must-have while looking for rooms for rent in Boston. Knowing what you need and want in a rental and balancing them to fit into your budget is the key to find the perfect rental. You might want to read about the tenant rights and rent control laws in the city. Even though Massachusetts is a landlord-friendly state, there are adequate laws and agreements to protect the tenants. Since the internet has made all the information accessible, a simple Google search would do it all. 

Before you start looking: Do’s

Student-friendly Neighborhoods

Choosing a neighborhood to rent a room in Boston is an important task, as all the areas have a unique vibe. Here are some student-friendly communities you may start to look through to rent a room in Boston.

  • Brighton

Known as “Little Cambridge,” Brighton is one of the best-suited areas for young professionals to get a Boston room for rent. You would not only find affordable rentals, but the place has some of the best restaurants in Boston. Brighton is dotted with trendy cafes and pubs. If you are a student from Boston University, Brighton is the place for you to rent a room in Boston. 

Universities nearby: Northeastern University, Harvard University, and Massachusetts University 

  • Back Bay

Back Bay is a trendy neighborhood with fine-dining restaurants and is known as the heart of Boston. The area is home to the Boston Public Library to go in the day and amazing bars to enjoy Boston’s nightlife. The neighborhood is quite famous among the students, and rentals usually get occupied quickly. It would be best if you are alert and active while finding a room rental in Back Bay. 

Universities Nearby: Emerson College, Boston University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Cambridge

The home to Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities globally, Cambridge is all about Harvard. Since Harvard invites more than a thousand fellow students to pursue higher education, it is no doubt that the availability of rentals here might not always meet the demand. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to find the perfect shared housing in Boston.

Universities Nearby: Harvard University, Lesley University, and Cambridge College

  • Jamaica Plain

With a diverse population ranging from students to working professionals to artists and young families, the neighborhood has a fair share of green spaces. If you are looking for a peaceful area to rent a room in Boston, Jamaica Plain is the place for you!  

Universities Nearby: Northeastern University, Hellenic College, and Emmanuel College

Tips and Tricks to Save Money

College life is always bound to a budget. Saving a few bucks won’t be any harm, right? Here are a few tips and tricks that would help you save money, time, and effort. 

  • Use a trusted roommate finder

A trusted roommate finder showcases genuine listings by verified profiles. Since most roommates finders have filters for listings, you can use them to shortlist the relevant listings.

  • Don’t skim through the lease.

A lease agreement is a document that lists all the rules that the tenant and landlord have to follow. A student may sign it without reading it correctly, but you never know what’s there in it. It could be a pitfall you want to avoid. Make sure you read and understand the agreement and then sign it to close the deal.

  • Find roommates.

Shared Housing in Boston is a fantastic experience. You meet new people, share stories and experiences, not to mention rent. Use a roommate finder to find a suitable roommate. Roommates cut rent into half and become a family away from home in no time. 

  • Shop Efficiently

When you rent a room in Boston, don’t buy anything and everything at once. Plan to buy the essentials only and take up DIY projects to decorate the room. You may even visit a flea market to find beautiful decorations at a reasonable price. 

Boston is a beautiful city to study in as the environment is perfectly balanced, and the vibe is eclectic. Shared housing in Boston is a life-saver as it is super-affordable and readily available. Just make sure you use a trusted roommate finder in Boston.


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