A look under the radar: These three golfers deserve more recognition

golfers deserve more recognition

Burning the midnight oil and not getting enough credit for it is as agonising as it is a common occurrence in sport. While the adage surrounding the idea that golf is meant for the esoteric few can still be conceded, the prevalence of the aforementioned aspect means it is hugely competitive.

Much like any other sport, golf too has its own set of underappreciated players, ones who have been shown their worth time and again, and yet fail to gain enough credit for their accolades. Golf has a fair number of underrated players who deserve far more recognition than they get at the moment. Here are some of them:

Webb Simpson

If records pay dividends and shed light on one’s performances, then Webb Simpson’s five PGA Tour wins should be validation enough. For the average punter, though, this could be either a delight or a nightmare.

Punters who bet on golf with Betfair know how important an attribute driving distance is. When it comes to that skill, the American falls short of the other mammoth drivers in the game. On the contrary, his other attributes make up for it, such as accuracy.

Nomination accolades are just as important here. Having qualified for Ryder Cup teams three times, and three times for the President’s Cup is not a walk in the park (or in this case, the course). Evidently, Simpson does not get the recognition he has been striving for.

Louis Oosthuizen

Being only 38 has its perks in golf. Perhaps, the South African has yet a lot to prove. Either way, that does not blemish his 2010 win at The Open Championship. While he might not have a lot of other wins under his belt, he surely has unique ones of his own.

Having attained positions in major championships is something one can associate Oosthuizen with. A second-place finish in all four, including a runner-up in the 2012 Masters after having accomplished the only albatross on the second hole in the history of the tournament is a unique accomplishment to have.

Nonetheless, the golf betting tipster knows, as like other analysts, that the ardent golfer needs more than just that. Perhaps if Oosthuizen received the limelight he deserves, he might perform on a more consistent basis.


There aren’t many golfers who are 22 and have already bagged at least one PGA Tour victory. While the South Korean has already expressed his dominance on the course, he has not received the praise he deserves.

A golfer who has proven to be a hot topic at such a ripe age, not being assigned a place among the most discussed players of the day is strange. It is expected that Im will be as dominant in the months to come, as he has been in his previous 14 starts.

The bottomline

It is imperative to understand that appreciation, or in this case, the lack thereof, is not a one-way street. The aforementioned players have had certain drawbacks of their own, which is perhaps the reason why they are not as highly rated as their counterparts.

On the other hand, the greats like Rory McIlroy and Bryson DeChambeau were on a similar platform too. Perhaps it takes perseverance to be truly noticed in the world of golf, and one should not be surprised if these players attain that pedestal soon.


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