A Helpful Neighborhood Guide To Portland’s Neighborhoods For Millennials To Move To

Portland’s answer to Silicon Valley is its very own Silicon Forest. Portland, Oregon is a city known to be a growing tech hub with the likes of Tektronix, Intel, Pixelworks, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, and more. With big-name tech companies like these, millennials are sure to follow with the increasing demand for skilled workers. If you are considering a move to Portland and are coming from another Oregon town or city, then here is a helpful neighborhood guide on the best areas of Portland for millennials to move to.

Single, Love to Mingle, and Don’t Mind Walking

One of Portland’s best neighborhoods for the single and looking to mingle millennial neighborhoods is Nob Hill, also known as the Northwest District. It is a neighborhood that sports Victorian-style homes with a hipster vibe. It has boutique shops, trendy cafés, and restaurants with art galleries to enjoy, all without having to use a car to get around in. So it’s easy to mingle and strike up a conversation with all the things you can see and do in Nob Hill. If you like to take in some quiet time away from crowds and just people in general, Forest Park is also nearby.

Upscale Living

Pearl District used to be a neighborhood of warehouses and industrial buildings. Now, it is a neighborhood for upscale living with its high-rise condominiums, warehouse-loft conversions, and art galleries. The neighborhood also has easy and convenient access to public transportation. If you love books, new or used, Pearl District is also home to Powell’s City of Books. Like in Nob Hill, this district also boasts plenty of retail stores, cafés, and restaurants but with an upscale theme. So whether you are single or have a family, if upscale living is the lifestyle you want to live, you won’t go wrong moving to Pearl District. In case you were wondering, there are also recreational areas in this neighborhood like Tanner Springs Park, Jamison Square, and The Fields Park.

Highly Rated Public Schools

Goose Hollow gets its name from its early residents, who at the time, let their geese run free around the area. Today, Goose Hollow is home to singles, couples, and families with a variety of housing options to choose from. Renting a house is the norm in the area, so you’ll be able to move around easier within this neighborhood should you love the area but still are deciding on your forever home. Like Pearl District, Goose Hollow also offers residents convenient access to mass transit and can get you in and around the area with ease. The neighborhood is a mini-city of its own just like the previously mentioned neighborhoods with bars, restaurants, cafés, retail stores, and parks. Notably, Goose Hollow is known for its highly rated public schools, so if you have kids then this is the ideal neighborhood for you and your family to move to. A notable point of interest in Goose Hollow is Vista Bridge, if you’ve watched Portlandia, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Eclectic and Vintage

Buckman is another neighborhood frequented by young professional millennials, whether single or otherwise. Like a memory you never actually experienced but want to, Buckman is host to several craft coffee establishments, micro-breweries, and vinyl record shops. Another hipster-vibed neighborhood, Buckman also offers residents a variety of eclectic and vintage shopping and entertainment experiences from their vintage clothing stores to the neighborhood’s Bohemian-Esque pubs, particularly on Hawthorne Boulevard. So if you’re looking for that “special” kind of neighborhood, Buckman is where it’s at.

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