90s Toys That Got Us through The Era of Games

Back in the 90s, the internet was just coming out and it was still unavailable to most of the public, so kids entertained themselves with some incredible toys and gadgets. Most of the gadgets from that era are still fun to play which shows the fact that companies put a lot of effort into designing them.

Our childhood toys really influenced us in a way that we build our character and develop a culture all by playing games with our friends. We were running outside to play with our friends like horses in the Breeders Cup 2019 and we may not realize that but they had a huge impact on our lives. The 90s were years for innovation in the toy and gadget industry and we saw many different groundbreaking things back then.

In this article, we will see the list of 90s toys that were so popular that impacted our culture.

  1. Game Boy90s-toy

Must be the first place for any 90s gadget and toy list. The Game Boy revolutionized gaming, just because back then, we had to own a console or go to the arcade in order to play the game. Game Boy showed us that we can play games on the move or while we are with our friends. It is considered to be the precursor to cell phone culture that came later on, and the gadget was inexpensive making it available to anyone.

  1. Tamagotchi

These were our first virtual pets that were incredibly popular. The idea for a virtual pet back then where you have to feed them, clean them, and entertain them to feel good was incredibly amusing. These gadgets were also able to teach us responsibility by constantly making sure our pets are healthy.90s-toy

  1. Koosh Balls

We move on to less advanced toys that were not that revolutionary but still had a major impact on our childhood. The idea behind this ball is simple just because it is made from 2,000 rubber filaments and the strange thing is that this toy is rather oddly satisfying to handle. They could withstand any impact because of their rubber nature and they acted as stress relieve for kids.90s-toy

  1. Yo-Yo

The 90s would not be the same without the Yo-Yo. This toy was immensely popular and follows origins from back to 440 b.c as a boy is seen playing with some kind of Yo-Yo on a Greek vase. There were different types of Yo-Yo’s and we always wanted to learn a new trick but often get the line all tied in a knot.

  1. Let’s Go Fishin’


Almost any family had one of these toys in their homes. It was basically a group of fish that move around in circle as you try to catch them with your fishing rod. The game was incredibly fun to play with its different shapes, sizes and spins making it more difficult.

  1. Furbies


Many people do not acknowledge that these cuddly gremlins were a bit part of their childhood. The Furbies launched back in 1998 and over 40,000,000 units were sold.

Basically, these toys were just adorable monsters that look like a cross between a penguin and an owl. They were programmed to mimic words that you say and learn the English language which was very advanced tech back in the time.

  1. Barbie Doll’s


Barbie dolls were invented back in 1959 and used over the years to entertain kids. However, in the 90s they reached their highest number of units sold. Spice Girls dolls were very popular at the time making over $11 million which was the best-selling celebrity toy at the time. This era of dolls improved over the years with the design of extra things like houses, cars, cups, kitchens. This made kids design their furniture and play with their dolls.

These were some of the toys that followed us through the 90s. They were very fun to play and had direct implications on our childhood. Some of them are still being made today, but they are not as popular as much as before.

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