8 Useful Websites According To Students In 2020

Studying at university or college is a crucial and challenging period in the life of every person. However, in the 21st century, there are useful websites and online resources that make studying and students’ lives easier. We selected the top 8 helpful websites according to students’ feedback that is free and available at any time, check the list below.


Social Science Research Network is a top-rated online service among students. It contains a huge amount of scientific research papers, works, and articles in more than 50 disciplines. You shouldn’t worry about copyrights because the purpose of this site is to share experience and knowledge. This online service is an excellent option for students who are looking for reliable sources for their writing assignments and don’t want to go to libraries.


It’s an online website that public short videos from conferences on various topics. This online platform is becoming more popular every year among adults and students. You can watch TED Talks in free access and download in HD-quality, they also have a channel on YouTube. If you start procrastinating, then spend time well and watch these short videos. You can also find inspiration or get food for thought. In addition, some students prefer to use TED’s Talks to write essays.


Nowadays, many people are skeptical of this website, and professors tell students not to reference Wikipedia in their papers. However, it’s a great platform to get general knowledge on an issue of interest before starting to study it in detail. It is also a great option for a student to get the necessary information when he or she didn’t have time to prepare for a lesson. In addition, there are links and a list of references that you can use to find more information.


This online platform was created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. It provides free access to online courses and lectures on various disciplines. If you do not understand the studied material or want to get better knowledge, then EdX is an excellent choice. Join them and get new knowledge, and skills.


Being a student, you may face a difficult situation or have overworking, so it is vital to have a reliable online service to get help. Thousands of students choose PaperCoach and you can safely turn to them with a request  “I need someone to do my homework.” They have a huge team of professionals so that every student can get the writing assistance of high quality at any time.


Students spend a lot of money on textbooks, stationery, entertainment, so they always need money. MoneySavingExpert is a good helper to increase students’ budgets, give financial advice, and helps save money. If you like to travel, this website will recommend cheap flights. 


Good sleep is very important for students, as it helps to have good concentration and memory. Scientists have proven that it’s important to sleep at a certain time, which corresponds to sleep cycles. So Sleepyti.me is a great helper for students to calculate their sleep time. You indicate when you have to get up, and it tells you the hours to go to bed. This website helps students to feel rested in the morning and get rid of fatigue.  


Many students want to get a good job and have enough money for personal needs and entertainment. However, it’s difficult to write a quality resume and cover letter the first time, especially if you do not have enough skills or work experience. Therefore, students prefer to use Resume101 as they how to make job-winning documents.

We hope our compilation will be useful to you, and these websites will facilitate your studying and student life. Perhaps you can add and advise something. Share your helpful websites in the comments below.

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