8 Best Gifts For A Newlywed Couple

Buying a personal, useful wedding gift can sometimes be stressful. Especially when the couple is young, and you know that they lack a lot of the household essentials that an older couple would have. Below are eight practical wedding gifts for the young newlywed couple.

1. Bedding

Quality bedding is a dream to sleep with but can be prohibitively expensive for the young couple trying to start their life. This is the kind of everyday item that couples need as their lives are changing. This gift can also be creative. If you know the couple’s preferred style, you can buy them a creative set of sheets. You can even buy them personalized sheets from an artist the couple admires. Consider purchasing a duvet for the couple if the wedding is the winter or a light quilt for them in the summertime. Make sure that the couple is sleeping well by providing them will quality bedding for their new life together.

2. A Luggage Set

The couple is probably getting ready to fly off on their honeymoon. A luggage set is a perfect gift for the occasion. Matching luggage exemplifies the fact that they are traveling together and that they are family. A nice luggage set will complement their transition into a settled life while encouraging them to continue traveling the world. You can even gift them personalized luggage tags to match their new suitcases.

3. A Dutch Oven

This versatile and often expensive piece of cookware will be a joy to any young couple. This is the kind of gift that the couple will use often but might not buy for themselves. The Dutch oven is useful from everyday meals like pasta and soup to weekend projects like breadmaking and big meals. Because it is so attractive, the couple will even be able to serve food directly from the pot to the plate.

4. A Wine Subscription

Wine is that classic grown-up, put together a sort of drink. Being able to offer guests a glass of wine when they come to visit signifies that they have settled into their new life. A wine subscription is a way for you to make sure that the newlywed young couple will have this ability for the year to come. In addition, the couple will get to explore the world of wine and develop a sophisticated palate.

5. Etched Glassware

This can include wine glasses to compliment the gift above, whiskey glasses, champagne flutes or simply drinking glasses for the sober couple. These delicate pieces exemplify sophistication and creativity. You can order the couple personalized glassware with their names on it or glassware with artwork on it. Matching sets of etched glasses are a talking piece at any party and more fun to drink from than normal glasses.

6. Christmas Supplies

Most likely the couple has never had Christmas at their own houses. As they transition into family life and move towards having kids, having Christmas decorations handy will lighten their stress levels. Plus, giving the couple a few personalized ornaments with their wedding date or names on them will help them to remember the importance of family at Christmas. This is an especially good gift for holiday season weddings.

7. Help with the Wedding

Weddings are expensive, and wedding gifts, as valuable as they are, rarely put a dent in the expenses the couple pays to run the event. One of the best gifts you can give a newlywed young couple is help with their wedding. If you know them well enough, you might be able to do something special for their wedding or buy them the supplies they need. For DIY weddings, you can buy craft flowers online and put together wedding favors. You could help decorate the venue, send out invites, or really do anything that lightens the couple’s workload.

8. Money

When in doubt, write a check. This might seem impersonal, especially if you know the couple fairly well, but, in reality, this is probably what the couple needs more than anything. Being a young couple comes with a lot of expenses. They have to pay for a wedding, honeymoon rehearsal dinner, bachelor(ette) party, an engagement party. Sometimes they are moving in together or purchasing a new house. As nice as it is to give the couple a useful gift, the money will give them the flexibility to use your gift for something they really need.


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