7 Simple and Amazing Methods of DIY Pest Control

7 Simple and Amazing Methods of DIY Pest Control

If you have ever had to deal with pests in your home, then you will indeed appreciate DIY pest control methods. DIY pest control methods are cheaper ways of making sure you don’t have to go through the same experience again. Pests can be quiet challenging to deal with once they invade your home, but just like many other problems, prevention is key.

There are a number of natural and home remedies that you can use for pest control at home. No matter the season, you can make your home pest free by trying these simple and yet amazing pest control tips.

1. Dust Mites Repellent Spray

Just like the name suggests, these pests love to accumulate in dusty areas around the house and the bed too. Places such as underneath the carpet, are very prone to dust mites. You can start by keeping your house free of dust.

In addition, to keep these pests away from your house, you can mix lavender, peppermint oil or rosemary oil, clove, and eucalyptus in some water in a spray bottle and mix well. Spray this mixture around the house in dust mite prone areas and allow it to air dry.

The mites do not love its smell and they will definitely stay away from your house. If you include lemongrass and basil to this mixture, you will be able to repel lice and fleas too.

2. The Vinegar Solution

Vinegar has a lot of uses around the house and it is no surprise that it has made it to this list. You can keep ants away from your house by spraying a 50% solution of vinegar around your house.

The scent will get rid of any scent that might attract the ants to the house and erase their path too. Wipe the surfaces in your kitchen with this solution at least daily.

You can also make a fruit fly trap using apple cider vinegar. Take a bottle with a funnel-shaped top that can allow the flies in but not out, pour in some apple cider vinegar.

If you do not have apple cider vinegar, you can still use vinegar and a few chopped apple pieces. The vinegar will attract the fruit flies.

3. Boiled Pepper Solution

If you have a garden then this tip is for you. Boil either six teaspoons of hot pepper powder like cayenne pepper or 10 chopped peppers with a gallon of water.

Boil this mixture under low heat for about 15 minutes and then let it sit for 24 hours, then strain it in a bottle. Add a few drops of oil or dish soap to it so that it does not drip when sprayed. This will work well to get rid of aphids and any other crawling insects in your garden.

You can also keep aphids away by placing chopped banana peels under the soil around the stems of your plants and also by placing a foil around the base of your plants. Sunlight will reflect off on the foil and under the leaves. Be careful not to use the foil trick when the sun is too hot as it might scorch the plants.

4. Citrus Spray

Spiders and other crawling insects inside the home deter the smell of citrus. Make a solution of either lemon or lime juice with some water and put in on a spray bottle. Spray it around your doors, corners, and windowsills.

You can also use the solution to wipe surfaces around your house and kitchen countertops. As you enjoy the fresh smell of lime around your house, you will be keeping the pests away as well. Lemon, lime, and orange peels placed in dark storage areas or in your pantry and garden will also keep spiders away.

5. Garlic and Mint Insect Repellent

Blend some mint leaves and some garlic cloves in a food processor or a blender. The trick here is to make a paste. Add to the past a drop of dishwashing liquid and a bit of cayenne pepper.

Boil this solution and let it sit overnight before transferring it into a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on your plants and vegetable and watch them grow, healthy, strong, and pest free.

6. DIY Pest Control Trick: Borax and Sugar

Another pest control method at home is using the borax and sugar trick. Simply mix half a cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons Borax, and 1 cup of very warm water.

If you have identified the path that the ants use to get inside the house, put this mixture right there and watch them match right into it. A few drops of this around the house will also keep all ants away.

7. Deer Repellent

If you live in an area where there are deer, then there is a DIY solution for you. Make a solution using 20% fresh eggs and 80% water in a bottle and spray on the leaves of your plants and trees. You can also spay it on the areas outside your fence.

The mixture can clog the spraying tip, so clean it a few times as you spray. You will not have to worry about the deer destroying your plants or invading your home with this pest control tip.

Minimize the Use of Chemicals in Your Home with These DIY Pest Control Methods

The best thing about these DIY pest control methods for your home is that you will not be introducing any harmful chemicals around your home.

There are a lot of pest control methods that can leave your home with a very horrible smell, but these solutions will leave your home smelling fresh and lively. You will be also taking care of the environment by using these chemical-free solutions.

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