7 Factors to Help You Choose the Perfect Cigar

Whether you’re just starting out with trying a cigar or you’ve smoked a few before, it can make everything better when you know how to choose the right cigar for you. With so many different varieties available to choose from, picking the best option is not always easy. So, it’s a good idea to understand the different types of cigars to get a better idea of which type is going to be best suited to your taste. Your personal preferences, and the quality of the cigar are some of the most important things to consider. Keep reading for our top tips on how to choose the perfect cigar. 

The Quality

When choosing the right cigar, the quality is a very important aspect to consider. Before you buy a cigar, make sure that you find out the quality of the tobacco that has been used to make it. There are some simple steps that you can use to check for quality if you are buying in-person. Firstly, unwrap the cigar paper, and roll it with two fingers to check for any soft spots. If you can feel any lumps in the cigar, then this is a sign of poor quality. A good quality cigar should feel smooth and lump-free. 

Check the ends of the cigar to make sure that there is no damage and that it has been wrapped tightly.  Along with this, check any color variations in the tobacco. Extreme differences in color could be a sign that the quality is not great. You can find the best cigars online at tobaccopipes

Strength and Size

It’s important to consider the strength of cigar that you want before making a decision. Do you prefer mild, medium, or full-bodied? Mild cigars tend to be a better choice for beginners, and they are also favored by some experienced smokers to have for the first smoke of the day. Medium is the most popular option and suitable for almost anybody, while only experienced cigar aficionados tend to go for full body. 

Getting the size right is another important aspect of choosing the right cigar for you. Consider how much time you want to spend smoking the cigar before you choose the perfect size. It’s important to get the size right, as too big and you could end up wasting a lot of the cigar, while too small could leave you wanting more. On average, it takes twenty minutes to smoke a 3” cigar, 35 minutes for 4”, fifty minutes for 5”, and an hour and five minutes for 6”. Some factors, such as how fast you smoke and the ring gauge on the cigar, can have an impact on these numbers. 


Before you purchase a cigar, one of the most essential things to think about is your budget. Many people believe that to get the best cigars, you will need to go for the most expensive options. However, this is not always true. The quality of the cigar, along with what you prefer from your experience when smoking, will be the two most important factors to consider – and in some cases, this could mean that a more affordable cigar might be the best option for you. There are plenty of budget-friendly cigars out there that are packed with great features. It’s a good idea to stick with the less expensive cigars to start off with, as this will give you a chance to get used to them and figure out more about what you like and don’t like, before you spend a bit more money. 

Most experts recommend spending around $8-12 per cigar. Bear in mind that a high price tag doesn’t always mean that you are going to get a better experience from smoking the cigar, so do your research before you spend your money. 

Personal Preference

Everybody is different, so it is important to figure out what you like when it comes to choosing the best cigar for you. Your personal tastes and preferences are unique to you, so don’t expect to automatically like a cigar that your friend has recommended just because they enjoy it. If you’re fairly new to smoking cigars, then take some time to find the ideal cigar for your personal preferences. This can sometimes take longer than expected. Once you know how to test for cigar quality and have a better idea of how much you want to spend, then you are in a better position to spend some time testing out different brands to find the perfect cigar for you. You can often get bundles of different cigars, which is a good idea for testing out different types and flavors to see what you like best. 


Cigars are made with various tobacco types that originate from several different countries. Where the tobacco used in a cigar has originated from will have a role to play in its flavor. Since there are different climates and types of soil in the countries where tobacco is produced, this will impact the type and lead to variations in flavor, all of which have an effect on the final result when you smoke your cigar. Trying out cigars made from tobacco from a range of different countries is a good way to figure out which ones you like the best. If you prefer a particular flavor when smoking cigars, then it’s a good idea to stick to cigars made with tobacco from countries that grow this. 


These days, buying cigars online has become easier than ever, and the good news is that lots of shopping websites will now include the option for customers to leave ratings and reviews on their products. Because of this, it can be easier to figure out if a product is going to be good or bad based on what other people think about it. If you check a range of cigar websites, you will often find reviews and ratings of different cigar brands and types that can be very useful when it comes to helping you make a more informed decision. 


The brand of the cigar that you’re considering buying is another crucial aspect to consider when choosing the perfect option for you. There are thousands of different cigar brands out there, so picking the right one for you can get overwhelming especially if you are new to it all and not sure where to start. To select the right brand of cigar for you, it’s really important to first know what interests you and what your preferences are when it comes to cigars. Once you know what kind of cigars you prefer to smoke, then this will make it easier to narrow down which brands meet those requirements. 

Whether you enjoy a cigar from time to time and are interested in buying your own, or you’re thinking of getting yourself some for a celebration, getting the perfect one will make sure that you have a pleasant experience. With so many different cigar brands, strengths, flavors and types to choose from, selecting the ideal one for you might not always be easy. So, keep these tips in mind and spend some time figuring out what you like, to help you find a cigar that is a great fit for you. 

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