7 Chakras Of Human Body And Their Meanings

The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy moves through.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel.  These centers i.e. 7 chakras are named after the circular shape of the spinning energy centers that exist in our etheric body, the energetic non-material equivalent to the physical body.  The 7 chakras are located along our spines extending out from the front as well as back of the body.  Each one of the 7 chakras has a range of specific qualities which correspond to the alteration of energy from the base level self identity, positioned at the first chakra, up to the upper vibration spirit-level consciousness of being at the crown.  These energetic centers symbolize our utmost level of integration split like a prism into a spectrum of colors.

7 chakras

The 7 chakras of body are formed at the junction of 3 connected energy shafts which go up the spine, one on both sides of the central channel, i.e. the Shushumna. The 2 lesser energy channels – Ida on the left and the Pingala on right go parallel to our spinal cord. Both Chakras collect and take up prana and pass on and transform energy. Our physical bodies cannot exist without them because they serve as a gateway for flow of life and energy into our bodies.

All 7 chakras in human body are associated with a specific part of our body and a specific organ which it supplies with the energy it requires to function. Moreover, just as each organ in our body has its equivalent on a spiritual and mental level, so do all chakras in human body.  The 7 chakras of body correspond to a specific facet of our behavior and growth. These circular spirals of energy vary in activity and size. They vibrate at diverse levels proportionate to the awareness of the person and their capability to assimilate the characteristics of each chakra into their life.  The lower chakras are connected with basic needs and emotions, as the energy on this level vibrates at a lesser frequency and is consequently denser in nature. The advanced energies of the higher chakras correspond to our superior spiritual and mental faculties and aspirations.

In conventional Hatha Yoga, there are seven cleansing bija mantras associated with the 7 chakras of body:

  1. Chakra 1 (root) – LAM
  2. Chakra 2 (sacral) – VAM
  3. Chakra 3 (solar plexus) – RAM
  4. Chakra 4 (heart) – YAM
  5. Chakra 5 (throat) – HAM
  6. Chakra 6 (third eye) – OM
  7. Chakra 7 (crown) – OM

Here are some fundamental details about the 7 chakras of the body:

Root Chakra7 chakras

Root Chakra – corresponds to our feeling and foundation of remaining grounded.

Location of Root Chakra: located in tailbone area at the base of spine.

Emotional issues related to Root Chakra: Survival issues like money, financial independence and food.

Sacral Chakra

7 chakras

Sacral Chakra — our ability and connection to accept other people and novel experiences.

Location of Sacral Chakra: it is located at lower abdomen, around 2 inches below navel and 2 inches inside.

Emotional issues related to Sacral Chakra: Sense of profusion, happiness, contentment and sexuality.

Solar Plexus Chakra

7 chakras

Solar Plexus Chakra — The capability to be self-assured and in control of our life.

Location of Solar Plexus Chakra: it is located in upper abdomen inside the stomach area.

Emotional issues related to Solar Plexus Chakra: Self-confidence, Self-worth and self-esteem.

Heart Chakra

7 chakras

Heart Chakra — the ability to care and love.

Location of Heart Chakra: it is located at the center of chest right above the heart.

Emotional issues related to Heart Chakra: Joy, inner peace and Love.

Throat Chakra 7 chakras

Throat Chakra — The ability to converse.

Location of Throat Chakra: It is located in throat.

Emotional issues related to Throat Chakra: Self-expression, communication of feelings and the truth.

Third Eye Chakra

7 chakras

Third Eye Chakra (also known as the Brow Chakra) — The ability to concentrate on and notice the big picture.

Location of Third Eye Chakra: It is located between the eyes on the Forehead.

Emotional issues related to Third Eye Chakra: Imagination, intuition, knowledge and the ability to make decisions.

Crown Chakra

7 chakras

Crown Chakra — It is the highest chakra and it represents the ability to completely connect spiritually.

Location of Crown Chakra: It is located at the top of the head.

Emotional issues related to Crown Chakra: outer and inner beauty, our link to spirituality and harmony.

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