7 Brilliant Tips On How To Captivate Your Wedding Guests

A wedding is a beautiful union of two people, and there’s no denying that. You see two souls who are in love come together to share their lives in the most touching way possible, and it’s an event that always seems to bring a tear to people’s lives.

Tips On How To Captivate Your Wedding Guests

But it often seems that people don’t appreciate the amount of effort that goes into a wedding — finding a source of entertainment? That’s not always easy. So with that in mind, we’re going to be taking a look at seven different tips for how you can captivate your wedding guests.

Naked Waiters

If you’re someone who wants to walk on the wild side, then here at Celebrate Just Right, we’ve got you covered. Naked waiters are a very unique way of providing entertainment that a lot of people don’t know about, and there’s a reason why it’s such a popular option. These waiters will work with you to make sure that you feel completely attended to and that your guests are being looked after, as well as providing top-tier entertainment.

Live Band

Perhaps one way that you’re going to celebrate and captivate guests is with a live band. Actual musicians are an excellent way for people to connect and feel like there’s a friendly element in the room, which can be so crucial for making sure that all have a great time. Plus, you can get a unique take on so many different songs that you would be mad not to consider this option.

Party Games

How about party games? It can seem like something of an odd choice, but there’s no doubt that when it gets down to it, it’s an excellent way for people to come together and enjoy themselves based on some good, clean fun. You never know what friendships will be forged and what laughs can come out of the experience, which is why it’s worth giving a go!

Open Mic

Have you ever been to a karaoke night? People have a lot of fun singing at the top of their lungs about all kinds of things, and to be honest the principle can be the same for a wedding. There’s alcohol for liquid courage and so many feel like it’s an option that they can explore and have a good time all at once. It’ll definitely help when it comes to making an impact on your wedding that you won’t forget about in a hurry!


Reckon you’ve got some guests who came right out of Footloose? Well, now’s the time to have them step up and prove it. There’s no doubt that this option can be so much fun for people who want to get the most from your wedding, and it’s easy to see why it’ll generate laughs. Find a good tune, the right people, and you’re good to go. Just make sure that you make sure the atmosphere stays bright and airy though. Otherwise, you could be in for a problem!

Magic Show

One of the more exciting ways to keep a party of wedding guests entertained is to consider investing in a team of magicians. They can move around the event, providing tricks and deceptions to leave even the most hardened cynics scratching their heads in confusion. It’s an interesting way to spend your time and one which a lot of people will be interested to experience. Plus, you can hire magicians who specialise in doing different things, to keep it interesting.


Okay so this is strictly for the adults among your guests, but there’s no doubt that some friendly gambling can be quite fun for those who want to give it a go. If you set up a few tables and hand out a starting amount of chips to people as they enter the venue, then you’ve got a way for people to have fun without getting nasty about things. In our minds, that’s a win.

To summarize, these are just a few of the different things that you’re going to want to take into consideration when it comes to getting the absolute most from your wedding and how to captivate a guest. While it’s not always easy to do, there’s no doubt that taking the time to really explore your options can result in a major win, as well as some winning entertainment.

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