7 Benefits Of Having A Diesel Tractor For Your Farm

Diesel tractors are specially designed vehicles that deliver high tractive efforts mostly at slow speeds for agricultural use. They provide the power needed to mechanize agricultural tasks such as tilling and plowing and can also be used to tow agricultural implements. Since the introduction of diesel tractors in the 1920s, their use has gained momentum, and tractors are now used worldwide in almost every farm. They have become a fantastic addition to any farm or homestead. The tractors come in different varieties with various horsepowers ranging from 18 to 575kW. The choice of the size of the tractor one own depends on the intended application. The small tractors can be used for landscaping, lawn mowing, and orchard work, while those with a higher horsepower can be used for more demanding tasks such as farming on plantations and ranches. Diesel tractors are preferred due to their superiority over gasoline engines. Diesel engines usually have higher mileage making the better choice for use in heavy-duty machines.

  1. The versatility of the tasks performed

Modern tractors are designed to offer versatility in the range of functions they can perform. Compact diesel tractors can perform tasks such as gardening and can also be attached to other farm equipment such as backhoes and front loaders to increase their range of functions. The farmer has the benefit of using one tractor to perform several tasks on the farm, Including mounting of auger drivers on the loading end of the tractors for tough drilling jobs.

  1. Wide range

Tractors come in a range of designs specifically made to perform specific tasks. The tractors can have different horsepowers that determine the roles they can play at the farm. Compact and subcompact tractors with a horsepower of 15hp to 40hp are mainly used for heavy duties, including plowing, digging hauling, and landscaping. Smaller versions of the compact tractors are used to perform different garden tasks such as tilling and mowing.

Diesel tractors come in different models specially designed to mechanize different complex tasks on the farm. The horsepower of diesel tractors ranges from 45 to 110horsepowers. Farm implements can be attached to the tractors to perform the various functions.

  1. Power and durability

Tractors are designed to have very powerful engines that enable them to perform the heavy tasks on the farm that includes moving over tough terrains and pulling heavy loads. This makes the diesel tractors very effective in performing agricultural work such as tough farming. The tractors are also designed with an iron cast on the front axles, and this increases their strength, making them durable.

  1. Saves on labor

Diesel tractors power very heavy operations on the farm while using minimum energy from the combustion of fuel. These tasks would otherwise have to be done by humans and farm animals such as horses and mules. While the use of horses and mules was not very efficient since the animals had to be fed from the same farm produce they produce reducing profits, the use of human power also increases the production cost of the same farm produce. The use of tractors diverts this human labor to other lighter tasks on the farm. This benefits the farm economically

  1. Cost-effective

Most farmers will agree that there is no better cost-effective substitute for the diesel tractor on the farm. This ensures that farm activities like planting of crops, tending to the crops, and even harvesting can take place at a lower cost as compared to using gasoline machines. Fuel prices have been on the rise in the last few decades, and it is every farmer’s objective to reduce the cost of production by reducing the amount they use on fuel.

  1. Increasing productivity

As the world population increases, food requirements increase, and farmers must meet the surplus. Farmers who want to improve their production per unit time must invest in farm equipment and machinery. Tractors are an excellent way of increasing farms’ productivity. By mechanizing some tasks, more work can be done within a short time. The use of diesel tractors ensures that the farm achieves its intended productivity by minimizing wastage of resources such as fertilizers and pesticides.

  1. The simplicity of the tractors

Diesel tractors usually have an auto-ignition system that does not require spark plugs or wires. This makes the engine simple to operate and maintain. The simplicity of the design also reduces the number of breakdowns the tractor can have. This is beneficial to the farmer since it translates to lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan for the tractor.


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