7 Beard Growing Vitamins to make Facial Hair Grow

A fully-grown beard will be an exclamation point of your personality.

Everyone loves a healthy grown beard representing wisdom, financial status and sexual productivity. It measures male dominance.

The bigger your beard is, the more your energy.

However, several factors play a role in having fully-grown facial hair. Like testosterone level, genetics, skin condition and diet. More than these, beard growing vitamins play a significant role to make facial hair grow. Midss’s experts also indicate vitamins help in beard-growing regeneration and increase sebum production to strengthen beard-growing and prevent hair loss.

Want to know how and what are those vitamins?

I’m sure you do.

This article will reveal these top six beard growth vitamins that promote facial hair growth. We will show every aspect that will help you grow a beard.

What are the common factors responsible for beard growth?

Here are some common factors responsible for growing facial hair.

  • Testosterone:-Although testosterone is commonly associated with male virility, it also plays a role in the development of new hair follicles.
     If your testosterone level is low, it can negatively affect your beard growth.
  • Diet:- Diet is another factor that plays a significant role in beard growth. If you daily intake a balanced diet, it will provide enough vitamins and minerals that promote beard growth.
  • Skin condition:- If you suffer from a specific skin condition like alopecia, it will cause hair loss. Or if you are going through slow-growing hair, it is due to hypothyroidism. We recommend you consult a dermatologist if you have any of these skin conditions.
  • Genetics:- Most of the time, genetics is to blame for the lack of facial hair growth. If your father is not having a full-grown beard, it is evident that you will not have too.

Top 7 Beard Growing Vitamins

Let’s walk through the list of essential beard vitamins to promote facial hair growth.

1.Vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes beard growth by triggering the male sex hormone testosterone production. Increased testosterone level is a responsible factor in creating new hair follicles. Also, Vitamin D promotes maintaining thickness and preventing existing hair from falling out.

Source of Vitamin D:– Sunlight, nuts, liver and dairy products etc.

2.Vitamin A

Vitamin A is responsible for producing a natural lubricant known as Sebum that will keep your hair moisturised for long.

Source of Vitamin A:- Carrots, liver, green leafy vegetables, egg yolk, broccoli, papaya and tomatoes.

3.Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a role of a free radical scavenger in your body, helping you get fuller and thicker hair. Also, it boosts good blood circulation within the scalp that will ultimately supply nutrients to the hair follicles.

Source of Vitamin C:– Chilli peppers, strawberries, green bell peppers, oranges and guava.

4.Biotin or Vitamin B7

Biotin is another essential vitamin to enhance your hair growth with increased keratin production. Keratin acts as a protein for your hair that ensures hair follicles are protected, grow faster and stronger.

Source of Biotin:- Oysters, Wheat germ, bread, legumes, egg yolk, fish, beans, peanuts, almonds and walnuts.

5.Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is a water-soluble vitamin, promoting facial hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles. Also, it is known for producing several hormones in your body that will work in promoting hair growth.

Source of Vitamin B3:– Chicken, pork, liver, peanuts and strawberries.


Inositol is the type of Vitamin B that provides enough nutrients to hair follicles through good blood circulation. It is responsible for maintaining healthy hair follicles.

Source of Inositol:- Brewer’s yeast, liver, citrus fruits and whole grains.

7.Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another best beard vitamin that helps maintain healthy skin and hair. Like Vitamin C, it also extends blood circulation, acting as a deep moisturiser for your hair.

Vitamin E helps prevent hair breakout while adding shine and lustre to your beard. So add Vitamin E to your daily diet to get a shiny and fully-grown beard.

Sources of Vitamin E:- Soybean, leafy green vegetables, dried beans, and raw nuts are excellent choices.

Wrapping up

So, here we got the list of essential vitamins that promote beard growth. You can go for beard growth supplements providing these vitamins to produce healthier and thicker facial hair.

But if your genetics are not with you, you can’t grow a beard. Still, there are some chances to even out patchy spots by having proper nutrition and exercising.

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