6 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve the Value of Your House

Our homes are the single largest purchase – and investment – that most of us ever make in our lives. Your home is where you typically spend the most time. It may be an extension of your personal style or simply where you raise your children, but it does have significant financial value, and we often want to take steps to increase that value. This is especially true if you’re thinking of selling soon. If you’re not looking commit to a full house extension, here are 6 simple things you can do to improve the value of your house.

Install a New Door

Most homeowners recognize the importance of curb appeal, such as having a freshly mowed lawn free of weeds and trash. What many people overlook, though, is the impact the front door has on the same, critical first impression your home creates. 

A beautifully manicured lawn leading to a beat-up front door and dirty porch is a failure. This is why something as simple as a door replacement can help you sell your home. Furthermore, these projects often have nearly a hundred percent ROI.

You could have a door installation service put in a door that provides far more natural light to the entryway and gives someone a clear view of whoever is standing outside. Or you could use services like American Vision Windows to replace aging doors with an elegant set of French doors. They could upgrade your entryway by adding side window panels as well, letting in more natural light and giving your home an extra touch of class. If you want to learn more about their products and services, you can visit 

Always invest in a door with the highest possible residential security rating. This results in tempered safety glass that a thief can’t knock out and security plates that prevent it from being kicked in.

Replace Your Windows

While this is not always necessary, it may be if your energy bills are spiraling out of control or there are cold spots in your home. New windows don’t just eliminate condensation, leaks, and drafts; they are an energy-efficient upgrade that potential home buyers will appreciate. 

Adding new windows could come with a 75 percent ROI. On the flip side, eco-friendly upgrades like solar panels may scare away buyers afraid of the work that comes with them. This is quick and cost-effective to make your home more energy-efficient, and you can use it as a selling point while making real savings and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Finish Your Basement

The value of a home is directly proportional to the amount of usable living space. If you have a basement, finishing it so that it contains additional bedrooms, living rooms or multi-functional space is almost always worth it. The average basement upgrade has a seventy percent return on investment. You’ll see a higher ROI in a finished basement if you add a working bathroom.

Make Modest Upgrades in the Kitchen

The two most popular rooms for renovations are the kitchen and bathroom. You’ll see a roughly 100 percent return on the investment if you replace ten-year-old (or older) appliances with new, modern ones. 

You don’t have to get fancy new appliances, however. Instead, they simply need to have the same energy efficiency and features as what is going into new homes.

You should also replace rusting faucets and loose hardware on cabinet doors, and repair or replace scratched up floors. You can replace cabinet doors or reface the cabinets to get a whole new look for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. These upgrades can yield 60 to 80 percent ROI, depending on the state of the kitchen before you started.

Install a New Roof

This is another project where the ROI depends on the condition of the original. If the roof is more than fifteen years old, home buyers will be concerned about the upcoming bill to replace it. If it already has curling shingles or missing pieces, it will be harder to sell your home. 

Invest in a high-quality roof with long-lasting materials, and it will dramatically improve the value of your home. If the roof is nearly impervious to wind and hail damage, it will lower your insurance premiums too. Get in touch with Atlanta roofers to find out how you can improve your roof.

Add Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is one of the best investments you can make. Not only is it affordable, but it can give your home a completely different look. Know that you don’t need to have the whole facade or siding veneered, however; you can mix it up with some vinyl to get great effects at a reasonable cost. Used wisely, adding veneer could have a 97% return on investment.

There are many types of renovations you can consider. You may even hire a masonry contractor if you want to upgrade your house exterior with the use of stones, bricks, and mortar if you are not that satisfied with stone veneer.

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