6 Reasons to a Buy a Camper for Travel

There are lots of ways to travel, but owning a camper is one of the best options, whether it’s an RV, a motorhome, a truck camper or a trailer. According to the 2017 American Camper Report, more than 40 million Americans camped at least once in 2016, with more and more choosing to enjoy it.

Instead of just thinking about it, you might want to start checking out camper dealers in PA, or other recreational vehicle dealers in your local area. Here’s why.

Travel Without Having to Go Through Airport Security and All the Other Flight Hassles

Flying can be a major hassle. Not only is buying airfare for everyone in the family incredibly expensive, just getting through airport security and being in a tiny seat crammed into a plane with so many others is not exactly a fun time. When you get home you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation. With a camper, you can comfortably hit the road and travel a lot less expensively too.

Bring as Much or as Little As You Like

When you travel by plane, you’ve got to plan very carefully, bringing only what you can fit into your carry-on and perhaps a checked bag, leaving room for souvenirs to bring home. But when you travel by camper you can bring as much or as little as you like – your entire wardrobe if that’s what you want to do.

Cook on the Road

Many camper options come with a kitchen, which means not only will you save by dining out less often, you can wake up, sip your coffee at leisure and make your own pancakes or scrambled eggs. It also makes it a lot easier on those who have specific dietary requirements as you’ll be able to cook up meals just like you do at home.

Bring Your Pets

How hard is it to leave your dog with someone else, or worse, a kennel, watching those sad eyes as you walk away, heading off for who knows how long (at least in your furry best friend’s eyes who thinks it’s forever). When you travel by camper you can bring your pets with you and not have to worry about how they’re treated, having to find the right person or place to watch them, or paying steep fees.

Lots More Flexibility

Traveling by camper means you’ll have a ton of flexibility. No worries about booking hotel rooms and having to stick to a specific itinerary. Your vacation can be whatever you want it to be. Head out on the road on impulse, all you have to do is toss a few things into a suitcase and go.  

Save on Taxes

The purchase of a camper, RV or motorhome can be a significant investment; however, the current tax laws can mean a big break on your taxes which makes it more affordable in the long run. Be sure and check with your tax advisor as there has been talk about chopping this deduction, but for now, provided it has permanently mounted sleeping, bathroom and eating facilities, it can save you a good chunk of change at tax time.

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