5 Ways To Save Money On AC Unit Repair

Ways To Save Money On AC

Are you trying to save money on AC repair? Homeowners with a bit of knowledge and average tools can maintain their units and prevent high repair costs from happening. Readout below to know about the 5 ways to save money on AC unit repair.

While defects are best handled by HVAC professionals, servicing can be done by amateurs. Homeowners need to follow the right instructions and consult the manufacturer’s manual when necessary. The basic tasks to save you from splurging plenty of money on repair costs include air filter replacement, airflow improvement, thermostat maintenance, outdoor unit upkeep, and evaporator coil cleaning.

Have a look at these five efficient ways of reducing AC repair costs.

Change the air filter

An effective way of saving money on AC unit repair is by changing your air filter. This filter should ideally be replaced once on a monthly basis, but most homeowners leave it dirty for months. A dirty air filter restricts the airflow inside households and puts an extra strain on air conditioners. Consequently, your home won’t be cool enough, the utility bills will be higher, whereas the unit will start showing defects.

When these filters get dirty, they no longer filter the air in a proper manner. Hence, the dust and all contaminants get trapped inside the AC unit, affecting the movement of the fans, valves, and motors. Hiring a professional to have the dust cleaned would cost you significantly more than replacing the filter regularly.

Homeowners can purchase two types of filters, disposable or reusable. The former type is more affordable but must be disposed of after getting dirty. The latter is costlier, but it can be reused multiple times. When your reusable filter collects too much dust, make sure you pull it out, rinse it, let it dry, and reinstall it. Given the multitude of filter sizes available in hardware stores, you need to check the dimensions and shape of the old one before buying a new one.  Go here for some handy tips on cleaning air-conditioning filters.

The location of air filters in AC units isn’t universal. These might be located inside the indoor unit, in the return vent, or near the thermostat. When installing a new filter, pay close attention to the direction of the arrow, indicating the direction of the airflow. Make no mistake with the arrow unless you wish the airflow to destroy your filter.

Improve airflow

Improve airflow

Another way of saving money on AC unit repair is by optimizing airflow. Although some homeowners restrict their airflow deliberately by closing the vents, this habit is harmful to the AC system in the long run. The cooling capacity of the unit will decrease, while the energy bills will keep on rising.

Besides replacing the filter regularly, as already mentioned, you should check the condition of all the vents in your house. If you happen to notice signs of dirt and dust, spare some time to give the vents a good cleaning. It’s absolutely crucial for the vents not to be blocked by a furniture piece, laundry, or a kid’s toy, as the airflow will be restricted.

In addition, you are suggested to inspect the ductwork condition in search of leaks. The leaks are best sealed with a special quality tape designed for this task. There is a myriad of AC repair ridgeland MS technicians providing residential HVAC services. In case the leak is too big to seal on your own, have no doubts about hiring a professional.

Maintain the thermostat

AC repair costs can be avoided by maintaining your thermostat regularly. According to many, the thermostat is an insignificant part of AC units, which isn’t true at all. This sensor is responsible for monitoring the indoor temperature and ensuring the system starts every time. Thermostat batteries should be replaced once annually.

When the batteries are low or dead, the system might even fail to turn on. Then, most homeowners end up worried sick, thinking their AC broke down. Instead of calling an HVAC technician to tell you that you need to have the batteries changed, why not replace the batteries regularly?

Don’t forget the outdoor unit

Another handy tip to eliminate AC repair costs is to maintain the condition of the outdoor unit. It consists of three main components, including the condenser, the compressor, and a large fan. These components have to be kept clean and unobstructed to perform their function properly. The best way to ensure nothing blocks the airflow is by raking the weeds and leaves surrounding the unit.

Furthermore, use a garden hose to wash the sides of the unit. As the seasons go by, the condenser fins get clogged up, limiting the airflow. Nevertheless, you aren’t supposed to use a pressure washer instead of a garden hose due to the delicacy of the fins.

These parts can even get damaged by a strong jet of water coming from a garden hose. Therefore, make sure you switch off the system and use a gentle water stream. Visit this website,  for some basic cleaning instructions for outdoor AC units.

Clean the evaporator coil

Cleaning the evaporator coil is a task every homeowner should do once annually. This part is of tremendous importance for the work of the entire system, as it allows the refrigerant to pass through it. The easiest way to locate the evaporator coil is by consulting the manual provided by the manufacturer, as these parts are hard to find.

Once you locate the coil, use a foaming spray to clean it with, available in most hardware stores. The cleaning process involves spraying the product on the coal and letting the expanding foam cover it. The foam will be washed when you switch your air conditioner on. The accumulated condensation ensures no foam is left on the evaporator coil. If this task seems too complicated, you can always hire a professional.

Final thoughts

It takes a little effort to maintain your air conditioner and prevent pricey defects.

Create an annual maintenance plan and stick to it no matter what!


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