5 Tips to Keeping Your Smile Healthy During Pregnancy


Even when pregnant, you still want to have that beautiful smile and be able to flaunt it whenever you feel like it. However, due to the drastic hormonal changes during pregnancy, you will be more vulnerable to plaque and bacteria which can cause tooth damage and decay. To keep that smile healthy, here are a few tips to consider;

1. Rinse your mouth well after morning sickness

If you experience morning sickness with vomiting during your pregnancy, it is important to know that it can damage your tooth enamel. Every morning after your experience an episode of morning sickness, you need to rinse your mouth thoroughly. Dissolve some baking soda in water and use it to rinse off your mouth. This will help to buffer the acid left in your mouth decreasing the risks of tooth damage.

2. Get that dental work done

Some people tend to think that they are not allowed in a dentist’s office while pregnant. While some procedures like whitening and veneering are avoided during pregnancy, it is okay to undergo other dental procedures. A procedure like having your teeth removed or filling is safe for both you and your baby. Also, getting braces done by a professional is safe and you can learn more about the whole procedure and some of the best braces to get while pregnant.

3. Avoid gingivitis

Gingivitis is common in pregnant women because of the hormonal changes in the body. Therefore, it is important to adopt healthy measures to help deter the occurrence of gingivitis. You must learn to practice a healthy dental routine to prevent bacteria and plaque build-up. Brush your teeth every morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed. Also, floss frequently and if you experience bleeding gums, opt to have frequent dental cleanings.

4. Beware of pregnancy tumors

Most pregnant women are not that familiar with pregnancy tumors and often get a cancer scare. While not every pregnant woman gets them, the few who experience pregnancy tumors usually don’t know what they really are until they get to the dentist’s office. They are usually an overgrowth of the gums caused by excess plaque and often bleeds. You can either let your dentist remove them or you can let them dissolve on their own after your pregnancy is over.

5. Don’t give in to all your cravings

It is a common thing for pregnant women to crave for carbohydrate-rich foods. These foods are some of the culprits for bad dental health. If you want to maintain a healthy smile throughout your pregnancy, avoid giving in to the bad cravings you may experience. Instead, consider adding more vegetables or fruits into your diet.

Final thoughts

That healthy pregnancy smile is not going to appear magically without some effort put to it. Brush your teeth as recommended, floss, eat healthily and take regular trips to the dentist’s office for check-ups. You need to learn to practice dental health at all times because it will go a long way to giving you that healthy smile you dread.


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