5 Things You Should Know About Buying Wholesale Fruit in Singapore

Here are 5 things you should know about buying wholesale fruits in Singapore:

1. You can buy at wet markets

In Singapore, a wet market is one where fresh meat and farm produce are sold. Wet markets are the opposite of dry markets which sell goods like clothes and electronics. Now, if you are a customer looking for fresh fruits to buy in Singapore, there are a number of wet markets available, where you can buy them in bulk. These markets boast of a wide variety of fresh fruits and other produce, and additionally, some offer longer operation hours so you can get your goods at any time of the day or night. Buying in bulk will be easier due to the large capacity of the market, and as an added advantage, you will get a good price when you buy numerous fruits at a go.

2. Wholesale centers

Another place where you can get your fruits in bulk in Singapore is in wholesale centers. These centers stock up on a wide variety of fruits, mostly dried, like red dates and plums. This is a good source of fruit as you can transport them easily for long distances without fear of the product getting spoilt. The items are also usually pre-packaged for easier delivery, but you can also place a custom order depending on what you want and the quantity you require.

3. Supermarkets

Singapore has a wide variety of supermarket chains where you can get your fruits from. These supermarkets offer a wide variety of farm fresh fruits as well as dried fruits, and you can also get these products at a wholesale price, depending on the quantity you are purchasing. A good example is the Sheng Siong supermarket chain which has over 50 stores in the country, and which offers a wide selection of fruits and other products as well as fresh seafood.

4. Online

Singapore has several online platforms where customers can order for fruits and other products. These online markets are accessible to the locals as well as those around the globe with products ranging from farm produce to seafood as well as dairy. An example is efreshfruit which is an online market that offers its customers a wholesale price on its farm-fresh products. You are therefore able to order from their wide range of fresh fruits at a cheaper cost than would be offered in conventional markets, all from the comfort of your house.

5. Fruit farms

This is the best place to visit if you are looking for a source of fruits at wholesale price while in Singapore. This, however, means that you have to physically be in the country and visit the farms. If you are able to do this, however, it is the most recommended way of getting the fruits that you want as you can choose exactly what you want and you can negotiate directly with the farmer. In addition to this, getting fruit directly from the farm will ensure that freshness is guaranteed since you are the one physically picking the produce.

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