5 Things To Look For When Buying Wine Making Kits

Great wine is a result of the right wine making supplies and the diligent process. Whether you are a pro or making your first batch, you need the right tools to make the best wine. Glass tools are recommended since plastic can hold the color and taste of the last batch of wine you make. However, if you are a beginner and not sure whether you will continue with this hobby, plastic tools are less expensive. Use rubber corks instead of real corks since the former is easy to clean and cannot crumble in your wine. Here are five things to look for when buying wine making kits. Also you can read about Interesting Wine Facts You Probably Didn’t Know.

Interesting Wine Facts

  • Grape Juice. The concentration of the grape juice forms the bulk of the wine. In your package, you should look for a pouch with the grape concentration. You will also need yeast to make wine. When buying the wine kit, look for the expiry date to make sure that it is fit for human consumption. Dried yeast should take about a year before going bad.
  • Bentonite. This product is mainly used to clarify and fine wines. Bentonite bonds with grape juice particles, which help in clearing the wine. You may also look for oak chips in your kit, although it is not a necessity. The oak chips replicate the aging process. You can use it in any wine you wish.
  • Stabilizer. After fermenting your wine, add a stabilizer to prevent re-fermentation in the container. The stabilizer is made from Potassium Sorbate, and you only have to stir it through the wine. Since a stabilizer cannot stop an active fermentation, you should add it after fermentation is finished and before clearing and bottling. The stabilizer will also help in stabilizing the flavor during prolonged storage.
  • Fining Agents. This product ensures that you achieve a crystal clear finishing. A fining agent clears the wine and comes with the wine making kit. The agents work by binding yeast and other particles that are suspended in the wine. The particles then fall to the bottom of the fermenting container.
  • Sanitizer. You will have to buy sanitizer separately. The winemaking process has some bits that need sanitizations. Things like mixing tools will require repeated sanitization throughout the process. You can go online and read more about sanitizing your winemaking tools.

If you are looking to buy the best wine making kits, it is essential to know that there are four types of wine kits: pure juice, fully concentrated grape juice, partially concentrated grape juice and those that combine concentrate and juice. The process of making wine from all these kits is similar. However, you do not need to add water in the pure-juice kit. The price should relate to the quality of the wine it produces. Generally, pure-juice kits are more expensive compared to other kits. Make sure you check the kit ingredients against the recipe to ensure you have all the additives. Some kits may also require additional sugar.

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