5 Things to Know about Law of Attraction and How it Works


Did you know that it’s possible to bring negative and positive experiences into your life depending on what you’re focusing on? Yes! Regardless of your age, religious belief, or nationality, you can actually wield the power of your mind to translate the things that are in your thoughts into reality.

Whether you’re knowingly or unknowingly doing it, you act as a magnet that attracts what your thoughts and emotions send out. This is called the law of attraction or LOA. There is a lot of evidence that it works for both the successful and the unsuccessful. Here are a few things you should know about this important law and how it works.

1. Understand Vibrations

Vibrations are those signals you send out to the universe. The world responds by sending back reverberations that exactly correspond to the ones you have. This is why it’s very important for you to feel good. It makes you get positive vibrations back that correspond to your personal broadcasting.

It’s important to know that what you give out is what you’ll get back. Positive and negative are the only kinds of vibes that exist, and it’s your feelings that create them. The positive vibe includes feelings of excitement, happiness, and joy. The negative vibe is the direct opposite.

2. Avoiding Negative Words

Even though your words may not be as vital as your thoughts, you think with them. Therefore, it’s important that you check your utterances. Know the words you shouldn’t use. Avoid utterances like ‘don’t,’ ‘can’t,’ or ‘not’ since they attract what is unsavory for you.

3. Gratitude is a Good Magnet

Gratitude is a feeling of being thankful for what you already have. It helps you send an abundance signal to the universe subconsciously. As you do that, you’ll be attracting more and more of whatever things you’re grateful for. It’s like working with the things you have to create more.

You may be having a great family, a beautiful house, or a healthy life. On the other hand, your financial status might not be as good. However, you should be grateful for both the good things and the challenges you’re facing. Be thankful that a challenge has made you more mature and stronger in dealing with tough circumstances in life.

4. Be What You’d Like to Attract

You must live your goal before seeing the proof of it in your life. This means that you should feel and experience features similar to the thing you’d like to invite. Would love to have more money? Feel rich right now. Would love a passionate relationship? Let passion consume you now.

5. Avoid Struggles

It’s a false perception to think that you have to struggle or work hard in order to get things. Growth results in manifestation. This is similar to the natural flow of water in a river. You can manifest quickly and naturally without struggling or putting in extra efforts.


The LOA has been working in your life, whether you’ve known it or not. Therefore, it’s important to understand how you can apply it consciously in your life to yield positive results. Do this by understanding vibrations, avoiding struggles, checking your words, and being thankful.


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