5 Simple Yet Stylish Wedding Dresses for a Minimalist Bride

Stylish Wedding Dresses

As a child, you may have envisioned your future self walking down the aisle in a wedding gown that is fit for a princess. However, your sense of style may have changed with the trends of the fashion runway. The nuptials of today are all about simplicity, and wedding dresses shifted from traditional frills to modern swirls.  

It is still an acknowledged fact that the star of any wedding is the bride. So even if your taste in big gowns changed, you know that it is the only life-changing event that you wish to surprise everyone, including your husband-to-be. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple and elegant wedding dresses well suited even for the pickiest wife-to-be. You can choose from five of these.

Traditional lace wedding dresses

When you think of lace fabric, it looks like something that royals would wear on a good day. For mere mortals, that day would be a once-in-a-lifetime event such as a wedding. A lace gown or dress is elegant and feminine, so it never goes out of style. It can also evolve from those made with vintage and intricate beadings to a casual and flowing look. 

Slip dresses

Being minimalist does not mean you do not appreciate a different sense of wedding style. A slip dress is one of those that fit the bill. It was originally made as a garment worn underneath a skirt or full-dress. But it has now developed into a legit dress. Modern brides love it for its simple, yet the 1920s feel. It could be made out of any fabric with embellishments such as sleeves or a cowl neckline. And the best part about it is that your mobility is not hampered. So you can dance the night away without thinking of losing your balance. 

Cap-sleeved wedding dresses

Are you fascinated by illusion necklines in a wedding dress? Cap sleeves are the perfect accent to this lacy attire, especially if you are wary about off-shoulders or a strapless nuptial gown. The caps cover part of your shoulders and about an eighth of the arm, but it never goes past the underarm level. It also gives the impression of a smaller arm. Also, the embellishments on your neckline stand out, since the focus is not on your arms. So if you are conscious about your arm-size, this is the best option for you. It is also summer-friendly since your arms are not that covered and you will not feel the heat as much. 

Mermaid gowns

Chrissy Teigen wore a mermaid gown at her reception, and she looked gorgeous in it. Best suited for hourglass-shaped bodies, the fabric is fitted from bodice to knee where the fabric then flares to the floor. It accentuates a symmetrical figure since it is tightly stretched from top to limbs.

Boho-inspired wedding dresses

Freedom and an alternative to the norms of society – that was what the boho lifestyle embodied in the 1960s and 70s. Artists and creative people are usually associated with this phase. The style has made its way to weddings via lace, chiffon, and delicate fabrics. This type is a popular option for brides who opt for a rustic or summer wedding. 

Going on minimalist mode for your marriage does not mean you are scrimping on the budget. It is also a way to make your special day more memorable and different from others. 


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