5 Signs You Need Drug And Alcohol Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that can be very hard to come to terms with. Treating this disease and finding the right help is key to a successful recovery, and that all starts with admitting the problem.

Did you know that around 24.6 million Americans over the age of 12 have used illicit drugs? If you struggle with addiction, you aren’t alone.

So how do you know that you need rehab to help with your drug and alcohol recovery? Read on for 5 signs you can’t ignore.

1. Using is a Priority

One of the biggest signs that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is when using them is your main priority. They are the only thing you can think about, and everything else is getting in the way of it.

It’s no longer something you do casually or every now and then, but it’s a part of your everyday life. You can’t stop thinking about getting your next fix and the thought of going without is unbearable.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to seek help. There are lots of different kinds of rehab that can help break the cycle and get you on the path to recovery.

2. You Engage in Risky Behavior

Addictions can lead you to do some stupid things and this can get you into a lot of trouble. When you’re high, drunk, or desperate to get your next fix, it can lead to risky behavior.

Have you ever driven under the influence? Engaged in unprotected sex? Gotten into fights? These things can have dire consequences and could have a very negative impact on your life.

If you find that you’re doing things you would never normally do because of your addiction, it’s time to seek help.

3. You’ve Experienced Withdrawal

Using alcohol and drugs for a sustained period of time affects the brain and the body in different ways. Your brain gets so used to having the substance that it will put the body into a state of withdrawal when it doesn’t have it.

If you’ve tried to stop using and experienced withdrawal symptoms, it’s a sign you need rehab. Some of these symptoms may include headaches, sweating, nausea, insomnia and more.

Going to rehab for detox treatment may be your best bet. DreamLife Recovery offers detox treatment as well as inpatient and outpatient treatment to help you along your journey. Click here to learn more about this rehab.

4. People You Love Are Worried

Another sign that you have a problem with drug and alcohol addiction is if your loved ones have expressed their concerns about you. It’s easy to get defensive and lash out at them, but they only want the best for you.

Addiction doesn’t just impact your life, but the lives of your loved ones too. They may have even staged an intervention for you, or just expressed their worries privately.

Listen to them and take their concerns to heart. If this has happened to you, it’s time to go to rehab.

5. You Aren’t Happy With Yourself

When you first started using, it probably made you feel good. But addiction is a brutal and ugly disease that can change who you are.

You might find that you are a lot angrier and negative person that you used to be. You might lash out and fall into a deep depression as a result of your addiction.

If your addiction has c turned you into a shadow of your former self, it may be time to go to rehab. With the right help, you can become yourself again.

It’s Time to Start Your Drug and Alcohol Recovery Process

If any of these five points resonate with you, it’s time to consider rehab. The drug and alcohol recovery process won’t always be easy, but with the right support and dedication, you can beat the disease of addiction.

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