5 Of the Most Common Stress Triggers for People in the United States

Your child is sick and won’t stop crying. You owe your bank thousands of dollars that you don’t have, your boss is on your neck because of a report that was due two days ago and you just received a message that you are late on paying your rent.

When all these things happen to you at the same time, then you will feel like your head is exploding. That is what stress is all about. Stress affects millions of Americans. But what does this stress come from? Click here to learn more about the most common stress triggers.

Occupation and Discrimination

Conflict from your workplace is a very serious stress trigger, especially if you feel you are being discriminated against. The discrimination can be because of your sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, race, or religion. Such discrimination can happen in the office or at work social events.

Health Issues As Stress Triggers

Your own health or that of a loved one can also stress you out. If you’ve been diagnosed with a new disease and you have detailed information about the treatment or that it will interfere with your income, you will not have peace of mind.

The same will happen if a family member or a close friend is coping with a condition or an illness.

Relationship Matters

Being in bumpy relationships are also some of the leading stress triggers. If you constantly argue or fight with your child, parent, or spouse, you will always have a disturbed state of mind. Relationship problems among other members of the family can also stress you up, even when you are not involved directly.

Personal Beliefs

If you get yourself involved in hot arguments about what you believe in, you will be stressed. These beliefs can be political, religious, or just personal beliefs. It can get worse if you have to be at the center of the conflict and have to defend your belief.

Some natural occurrences that cause you to question your own beliefs can also be a source of stress. The stress can be intense if people closest do you don’t share in your beliefs.

Life Changes

Life changes that you don’t have any control over can cause you a lot of stress. These changes may include job loss/change of job, the death of a loved one, divorce, moving from one house to another, and many more.

Even positive life changes such as getting married or going for retirement can cause a lot of stress.

Be Careful to Avoid These Stress Triggers

The stress triggers discussed above are just the tip of an iceberg. There are many other circumstances that can lead to stress. Some are related to money while others come as a result of emotional issues.

When you have huge debts or you are unable to provide for your family, you will find yourself showing the signs of stress. Environmental issues like living in crime-ridden places or in unsafe neighborhoods can also lead to stress.

In case your stress levels become unbearable, you can seek the help of a counselor or a doctor. Be sure to explore our page to learn more about stress and dealing with it.

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