5 Important Reasons Why You Should Seal Your Concrete

Seal Your Concrete

How sure are you that your concrete floors are completely protected? Whether you have just installed a new concrete floor or if you have owned concrete floors for years, you may be wondering about the importance of sealing your concrete. Whoever it may have been that installed your concrete floors, whether it was St Louis concrete contractors or otherwise, always insist that sealers are important but you may have chosen to go without a sealer anyway. Perhaps you thought you didn’t need them or perhaps you wanted to cut down on the costs of installation. Whatever the reason was for skipping the sealing step of the installation, it is not too late to reconsider your position and have your concrete sealed

To help make your decision easier, here are 5 reasons why sealing your concrete is incredibly important to anyone with concrete floors and how they can make your life easier:

  • Stretches the longevity of the concrete

Concrete’s incredible longevity is one of the popular reasons people choose concrete as the material for their floors, driveways, patios, and for many other areas. Generally, concrete can last for up to 20 years (or longer, depending on a variety of factors) but they will usually start showing signs of aging and cracks halfway into that lifespan. But if the concrete has been sealed, it delays the appearance of cracks and pits and can thus extend the overall life of your concrete from 20 years to 25-30 years. That’s a pretty good deal considering many sealers on the market are incredibly affordable (and much cheaper than the cost of replacing an entire concrete slab).

  • Provides protection

There are many things that can negatively affect the condition and appearance of your concrete such as the sun, moisture, and stains from oils and chemicals. Concrete is often vulnerable to damage and staining because of how porous it is. That means that water, oils, and chemicals can very easily penetrate the concrete slab and fill in the pores of the floors. UV rays can also damage concrete and make it more vulnerable to cracking and pitting. By applying a layer of sealer over the top of the surface, you can effectively protect your concrete from all these things. That’s because a sealer prevents things from getting into the porous concrete, essentially locking up the surface from external elements. This is especially useful for interior floors where people may spill all kinds of things on the floors.

  • Makes floors more resilient

Cracking, pitting, and scaling are all common issues concrete floor owners will eventually run into. When it comes to concrete, it is not a matter of preventing these issues entirely (as all these issues are natural to concrete) but it is instead a matter of delaying their appearance for as long as possible. Through sealing concrete, cracking is prevented as water is stopped from entering the pores of the concrete. Pitting and scaling are also prevented. That is why sealing concrete is so important whether it was installed by concrete contractors St Louis or in other places. Through this simple but elegant step, your concrete will be more durable against issues that unsealed concrete will usually fall prey to and will thus last for much longer. 

  • Amplifies the color of the floors

Sealers help the color of concrete slabs in two ways: first, it protects the colors from fading. Discoloration can often happen to concrete floors (especially floors that are outside) through exposure to the sun and various other elements. It can also happen naturally over time as age wears down the pigments in the concrete. Sealers that are applied on top of colored concrete serve as a preserver of the color and it keeps the concrete looking fresh and sharp even years after. But sealers also help color in another way by creating vibrancy. Often, stained concrete will look dull when it is left as a matte surface. But by applying a glossy sealer on top, the colors become more vibrant and will look richer and deeper than they did without a sealer. So even for pure aesthetics alone, sealers are a great idea for concrete floors. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Concrete Floor Staining Seattle before you get your concrete floors sealed so you get a more luxurious finish.

  • Prevents the growth of mold on concrete 

We have already discussed the porous nature of concrete and how that makes it vulnerable to water entering the floors. It is why concrete is so prone to cracking but did you know it is also the reason why mold can sometimes grow on concrete floors? By introducing moisture and mildew into your floors, water creates a healthy environment for mold to grow and prosper. Mold can damage floors pretty badly and they also leave behind a green discoloration that is distinct because it makes concrete look old, unclean, and slimy. By sealing your concrete, you stop that water from entering the floors and thus prevent the growth of mold. 


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