5 Dining Room Trends In 2023


Home décor is constantly changing. Like a living beast, it breathes and moves, never content to simply stay in one place.  This can be quite annoying for the home designers amongst us. One moment, we’re up to date with our décor and our house is looking beautiful. The next moment, the trends have changed and we have to update it all over again.

Oh who are we kidding? We love it really. Who are we to complain if we have to make our dining room beautiful all over again? Change is good for the human psyche, and it’s important to keep your house on its toes! 

Speaking of the dining room, there are a number of new trends coming to light in 2023. In fact, it’s likely to be the room that will change the most compared to its previous counterparts. 

If this is something interests – or terrifies – you, then read on for the full list of dining room trends that are sweeping the world in 2023:

Forget Minimalism, Things Are Getting Funky

That’s right, whilst previous dining room trends seemed to make the space simple, plain and designed simply for eating; the 2023 dining room is big and bold. This is largely due to Pantone announcing Magenta as the colour of the year; many homeowners have taken that to heart and updated their dining space with quirky – albeit beautiful – colours.

Silverware With A Story

Amongst the bold colours, however, are old and traditional silverware. We have to admit, this gives off a really nice juxtaposition. If you choose beautiful ornamental pieces – perhaps something culturally significant or with historical undertones – like kiddush fountains for the wine or vintage patterned plates for the food, then you’re sure to create a striking balance between new and old all in one room.

The Garden Is Coming Inside

Another contrast to the bright colours is calm, natural foliage which can be displayed on the tabletop or around the walls themselves. Plantlife has often been used to add a sense of relaxation and natural beauty into a home, so why not phase that into the dining room and make it one of the most garden-esque rooms in the house?

Things Are Going Diagonal

What do we mean by that? Well, if your dining room is narrow or small, then homeowners have come up with a trick to get over that. Simply angling your table on a diagonal slant will free up your floor space and create more of a “round” feel to the table itself. This means that more guests can be invited to dinner bashes and you have far more space to actually serve the dinner and top up those kiddush wine fountains!

Banquet Seating Is In

One of the problems that have arisen with traditional dining rooms is that they are quite rigid and stingy. “Banquet seating”, however, has revolutionised this sticking point and made the dining room more informal and relaxed, just through adding benches instead of chairs and cushions to make the experience even more comfortable. This – along with all the other points on this list – is certainly something to look into if you’re wanting a more casual dining experience in 2023!


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