5 Compensatory Damages Personal Injury Lawyer Can Get for You

It’s not likely that anyone wants to hire a personal injury lawyer for compensatory damages. It’s the sort of thing that you only have to do once the worst has happened. The most probable scenario is that someone or something has injured you or a family member, and you believe you can hold them legally responsible for what they did. We’ll go over five of the most common compensatory damages a personal injury lawyer can get for you right now.

What you might not be sure about is what exactly a personal injury attorney can do for you. You know they can help you recover damages if you win your lawsuit, but in what areas exactly can they help you?

Burial and Funeral Expenses

The Zavodnick and Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers relate that burial and funeral expenses are some of the more common ones you can get if you hire a personal injury attorney. In that scenario, you probably have a relative who died after an accident, sickness, or injury. You feel that you can hold some other party responsible for what happened to them.

Maybe your relative was working on a construction site, and they fell and suffered serious injuries, from which they subsequently died. You discover after an OSHA investigation that there were inadequate safety precautions in place.

If so, your family should be able to collect the proper compensation to cover the funeral expenses, such as the casket, the viewing fees, the burial fees, embalming services, and so forth. All of that might cost several thousand dollars in total.injury and criminal defense lawyer

Reduced Earning Capacity

Reduced earning capacity is another typical compensation you might enlist a personal injury attorney to help you collect. What most often occurs here is that you’re on the job, and you injure yourself due to employer negligence or unsafe working conditions. You take some time to recover, but you eventually realize that you cannot perform your job like you once could.

You might be able to stay with the company or in that industry, but you have to take a different position than what you had before. You’re no longer capable of performing the same job duties as you could previously.

You might still be able to bring some money in, but it won’t be as much as you were making before the injury. If you can win a lawsuit against the responsible party, you can collect a settlement that can help you and your family, since what you’re making now is not sufficient to cover all of your expenses by itself.

Permanent or Temporary Disability

Maybe you slipped while on someone’s property and fell, injuring yourself. Now, you can’t do the same kind of work that you did before.

If you determine that the property owner knew about the unsafe condition but did nothing about it, you might be able to retain a lawyer and sue them. If you win, that money can help you while you recover.

You might return to your former condition and resume work and your normal routine eventually. You also might sustain a more serious or even a permanent injury. If it is the latter, you can be sure you’ll want to collect a larger payout because of what happened.

Lost Income or Wages

If an entity or individual harmed you, and you can prove it, your personal injury lawyer might be able to get you lost wages or income. This most often happens if you can’t work for a time while you recover.

You might be able to do some modified duty at your job, or perhaps you can’t do anything work-related for a while. Either way, you need money to replace your lost or garnished wages, and if you win your lawsuit, you can have that.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are another one of the more common returns you might see from a personal injury lawsuit. With the right lawyer, you can prove that an individual or entity harmed you.

You’re probably spending money on hospital stays, prescription medication, ambulance services, medical devices, physical therapy, and more. Maybe your health insurance can cover some of that, but if you have a high deductible plan, you’re still paying for at least some of it out-of-pocket.

You might also want a personal injury attorney to get you money for damaged property or rehabilitation. You might have a long list for which you need compensation, and the right lawyer can get that for you.  


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