4 Ways to Use CBD Oil

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, severe acne, mental health problems, insomnia or nutrition issues you must already have heard of CBD oils. Depending on what your exact condition is, you can choose different ways of using the supplement. With Nature and Bloom, we’d like to explain to you when and in what form to use CBD oil.

  • CBD Edibles

The CBD edibles are not made to smuggle marijuana. Edibles non-intoxicating snacks such as gummy bears or hard candies that only can contain up to 0.3% THC (which is a natural maximum amount of the substance present in hemp). The trace amount of THC doesn’t have any influence on the level of your soberness.

An eaten piece of CBD edible needs from 30 minutes to 2 hours to dissolve and start working. The needed amount of a given edible and absorbency time depends on how rapid your metabolism is.

Thanks to the slow digestion of CBD edibles, the stress relief effect doesn’t come suddenly and lasts longer. Furthermore, chewing CBD gummies itself is already relaxing. You’re focusing on the taste and consistency of the snack which sends good signals to the parts of your brain responsible for pleasure!

  • Vaporization of CBD Oil

To inhale CBD oil you’re going to need a special vaporizer also called a vape pen. Vaping provides you with just the same beneficial effects and compounds as consuming CBD edibles.

It’s healthier than smoking and thanks to the low-temperature vaporization it’s also more beneficial. The temperature doesn’t remove the healthy compounds of CBD.

Vaping CBD gives you much quicker effects than edibles. The substance doesn’t need so much time to digest since it’s absorbed almost immediately to the blood through the respiratory system. It only needs 1 to 3 minutes to kick in!

It’s also less toxic than smoking hemp or cannabis. CBD oils don’t emission tar nor any other carcinogenic substances.

  • CBD Candles

You can even find organic CBD oil candles of multiple use! CBD candles made of natural components only are non-toxic to light and inhale but their wax can also be used for your skin!

CBD candles also have stress reducing properties. If applied on the skin, it gives a proper moisturization, soothes irritation, reduces acne and scars.

CBD oils either inhaled or applied on the skin work like natural painkillers. The painkilling properties of CBD candles, though, are lower than through vaporization or using pure oil.

  • Using Pure CBD Oil

The most common way to use pure CBD oil is to apply an appropriate amount of drops under your tongue. The absorption of CBD, in this case, is almost as quick as while vaping the oil. The CBD oil components are going through the muscles and small blood vessels to your bloodstream.

Providing your medicine and kitchen cupboard with pure oil gives you a lot of different opportunities of use. You can make your own CBD chewing gummies or chocolate pralines, prepare your own natural cosmetics and candles, or simply add them to any food you’re having.

Regardless of which method you’ll find most suitable for you or what different creative ideas you’ll come up with yourself — look for the best quality CBD oil. Organic oils give you the certainty of that the hemp was grown for oil production exclusively. Many companies offer oils made of industrial hemp. Such oils are contaminated with fertilizers and pesticides.

CBD oil is supposed to be a pure, precious essence of hemp. Support the honest, certified farmers and CBD oil companies, and take good care of your health. Choose reasonably!

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