Moving to the City? Here’s Why Condo Living Is for You


When you’re looking for a new home in the city, you have plenty of choices available, each different from one another. In urban areas, the most common options are single-family dwellings, townhouses, apartments, and condominiums. Single-family detached homes and townhouses are low-density structures, and ownership extends to both the land and building.

In Quezon City, you can either buy finished units or choose a pre-selling condo near Ateneo de Manila and other significant hotspots. Condominiums, like apartments, are composed of subdivided individual units in a large property. The biggest differences are ownership and the concept of shared common property.

When you own a condo, you own the unit you live in. You’re also a part-owner of the common property, which includes the amenities and other shared spaces. If you’re on the market for a new home, here are a few reasons why you should live in a condominium:

  1. Better location

The land in and around the central business district and city centers tend to be prohibitively expensive, hence the need to build upwards. Most housing options in city centers are tall residential towers and exclusive communities. If you want to live in the heart of the metro, your best option is a condominium.

If you live in a prime condo, you get access to the best of what your city has to offer: Schools and offices, malls and bars, government offices, hospitals, the list goes on. You’re trading space for convenience and more excitement.

  1. In-house facilities and amenities

We’ve all dreamed of living in a place with a swimming pool, a gym, a private green space, and maybe even a tennis court. You can have all that and more if you choose to live in a condominium community.

Many condos offer amenities such as swimming pools, fitness gyms, play areas, and communal green spaces. Some projects even have spas, movie theaters, and recreational spaces. If you’re a condo owner, you get access to these amenities without worrying about maintenance.

  1. Lower maintenance cost

Single-family dwellings require a lot of upkeep. You need to mow the lawn, repair the roof, keep the pests out, and so on. The condo life is low-effort and stress-free. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance because the management will take care of it.

Time wasted on grueling maintenance work can then be used on things that matter to you. You’ll have more time to work, study, relax, or go out.

  1. Communal expenses

Your monthly condo fees mostly pay for the management and upkeep of the community’s facilities and amenities. Part of your payments also goes to a communal fund.

The condo management taps this fund to pay for significant building repair and upgrades such as window and door replacement and landscaping work. If the fund isn’t enough to pay for a particular project, you don’t have to bear the costs alone. The total bill will be divided among all owners.

Condo life is all about freedom, convenience, and excitement. Unlike living in a rented house or apartment, you can do whatever you want with your condominium unit. For your peace of mind, you’ll also benefit from 24-hour security. If you live solo, getting a condo will be the best decision you’ll ever make.


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