4 Great Remedies for Cold and Flu


Colds and flu are the most common illnesses people get every year. While these illnesses may seem minor, colds and cases of flu can still give an infected person huge discomfort and affect their daily routine. To prevent getting colds and flu, many remedies are available to aid in relieving the symptoms of these illnesses and make recovery faster.

This article will discuss some more effective remedies and solutions for colds and flu. Whether searching for quick or long solutions, you will surely find a remedy that will help you improve as soon as possible.

1. Always Blow Your Nose

When you are sick and have a cold, it is important to blow your nose regularly to help relieve clogged nasal passages. Also, when blowing your nose, you should know how to do it correctly. Blowing too hard can cause germs and phlegm to be pushed back into your ear canals, which can cause ear pain.

To avoid ear pain from blowing too hard, you should place a finger over one of your nostrils while gently blowing out of the other to clear your nose. This technique can help you clear your nose without causing any form of discomfort.

2. Take Your Vitamin C

To maintain good health and well-being, vitamin C is an important supplement to keep you healthy. When you are sick, taking vitamin C can help your recovery become faster. Some good vitamin C sources include lemons and citrus fruits like lime and oranges. You can try adding lemon juice to your hot tea to help relieve your cold symptoms.

While the many sources of vitamin C cannot cure your cold completely, vitamin C can still relieve symptoms of cold and flu, just like Sambucol. Sources of vitamin C give your body the nutrients required to boost and strengthen your immune system and relieve upper respiratory tract infections.

3. Get Plenty of Sleep

Getting plenty of sleep is crucial for your body’s overall health and well-being. Sleep is not only a time for rest but also a time for the body to repair and heal itself. When you sleep, your body repairs itself, healing any damage and preparing for the next day. 

Sleep provides the body with the rest it needs to recover, but it also allows the immune system to function optimally, helping to keep you healthy and protected from illness.

4. Practice Gargling

Garling is one of the best methods to relieve a sore throat. To properly gargle, mix half a teaspoon of salt with warm water and gargle at least four times daily to achieve good results.

Gargling with tannin-rich astringent like tea or a mixture made of honey and apple cider vinegar can also help lessen the tickling sensation at the back of your throat. If you gargle while you are sick, you can keep your throat moist, reducing irritation and speeding up recovery.

Get Better Fast With These Remedies!

There are so many simple remedies that help with relieving the symptoms of cold and cases of flu. From practicing gargling to simply sleeping, you can ensure that your recovery process can quicken while lessening the severity of the symptoms of colds. Make sure to try one of the given remedies whenever you catch a cold or flu.


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