4 best places in Italy for your retirement


Are you thinking about moving somewhere else as soon as you retire? Among all the options available, Italy is a solution you might want to take into consideration. It is quite affordable to live in this country. Of course, if you are willing to move to smaller cities or even stunningly beautiful rural areas. In this country, everywhere you go, you will be blessed with an amazing environment, friendly people and delicious food. What’s best? But what areas precisely should you look for homes for sale in Italy and consider for your new life? It pretty much depends on your lifestyle, on the weather you prefer. Nevertheless, anywhere you will go it is going to be a great and enjoyable destination. Let’s check some options out.

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Sicily is an excellent destination for the retirees who have a limited budget. This lovely island region in the South of Italy has attractiveness for everyone. Not only will you have some of the lowest living costs in the county, it also boasts world-renowned culinary, beautiful beaches, and a laid-back way of life. Sicily also has one of the most beautiful weathers, with mild winters punctuated by the occasional rainy days and hot summers. Warm and bright in the spring and autumn, the climate is usually recognized as “perfect” by individuals who already reside in the area.


Tuscany is a world on its own in Italy. We are talking about a fantastic spot to reside for anyone looking to get away from the chaotic city. Beautiful beaches can be found along the coast, as well as rocky cliffs and beautiful open vistas in the interior. This region has a sizable expat community, making it particularly easy for newcomers to settle. Aside from the amazing sights and landscapes, there are also popular cities like Florence and Pisa, that feature amazing art and food. This is a brilliant area in the midst of the Mediterranean, with excellent warm weather and little rain.


The Italian area of Abruzzo is known for the breath-taking view of its mountains, lovely landscapes, delicious food, and friendly residents. This area does not draw as many tourists as other parts of the country, but it offers something for everyone: lovely cities and shores, as well as incredible countryside, all within easy reach of the Apennine Mountains. The community of expats is not as big as in other parts of Italy. This factor makes it the ideal location for a more genuine experience for everyone who is willing to buy a home in Italy after retirement.


The white sands and turquoise waters of Sardinia are undoubtedly the most well-known features of the island, either for locals or foreigners. Sardinia has over 2,000 kilometres of coastline, the majority of which is made up of beaches, coves, and infinite swimming chances. Definitely a great option for beach lovers and those looking for an island experience. People are known for their friendliness here. Sardinia’s cost of living is far lower than mainland, with groceries and basic necessities all being quite affordable.


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