4 Beauty Products to Try This Summer

Summer is here and you definitely want to enjoy every bit of it.  And what better way for you to do so than to make merry with friends and family underneath the scorching sun. As much as it’s a pleasant time of the year, the direct contact with the sun can take a toll on your skin. You will want to keep your skin healthy and free from infections, flakiness, and irritations. That can be done by giving your skin more attention, especially at this time of the year.

To avoid all the flurry of trying to keep your skin glowing, here are a few beauty products to try out this summer.

Multi-Purpose Balm

This is a must-have product to carry with you wherever you go.  It has essential oils including rosemary extract and olive oil with organic ingredients like beeswax, plantain leaves, and chamomile that serve to give your skin protection from irritations and dryness.

Beauty Products

On top of that, it’s eco-friendly since its plastic free with recyclable aluminum lid making it recommendable for anyone person including kids.  It’s useful for new tattoos, body, dry hands and feet, eczema, dry lips, infections, and bites. Furthermore, it’s pocket-friendly, and you can never miss it at any beauty store within your locality.

Neem Soap

Do you have Itchy Scalp (Dandruff), Dermatitis, Acne, Eczema, Dryness, Psoriasis as well as irritation? If yes, I certainly recommend this soap for you. Most doctors will recommend neem soap due to its antibacterial and healing properties that are because of its richness in essential oils such as tea tree oils and organic compounds that help to moisturize the skin, fight infections, irritations, itchiness, and dryness.

Furthermore, i love this neem soap because it is multipurpose (shampoo use), silicone free, sulfate free and plastic free, making it an eco-friendly and safe beauty product for anyone. Consistently use it to achieve the best results this summer.

Zero Waste Shaving Kit for Women

There’s nothing worse like skin irritation or bumps after shaving. But thanks to zero recyclable waste kit that contains organic shaving soap, replaceable quality stainless steel blades and a double edge safety razor. Shaving will get more exciting all through the summer.

With the shaving kit, you will get rid of excess body hair effortlessly for that beautiful summer look. The safety razor is a double-edged sword for a nice clean shave to leave your skin feeling smooth and sleek. On the other hand, the organic shaving soap is rich in shea, cocoa butter, citrus, and lavender that will ideally enrich your skin after a nice shave.  Try this, and you’ll be sure to put on your best bikini and show off some skin comfortably.

Zero Waste Biodegradable Deodorant Stick

During summer, it may get overly humid and what better way to deal with sweat than with organic zero waste deodorant stick.

It consists of natural cornstarch for easy sweat absorption that leaves your skin soothed and moisturized. Moreover, it has virgin coconut oil that has antibacterial abilities to help rid your skin of odor. It’s all natural and sent free to protect sensitive skin while at the same time leaving your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated all day long.

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