4 Amazing Exercises That Can Make You Look Like a Model

Being a model or looking like a model is what every girl desires, especially in terms of figure and body language. Though, being a common girl we end up being chubby and get bulges because of our poor diet and lack of routine and knowledge of doing exercise on a daily basis. But a supermodel in accordance to her profession takes proper diet and exercises on a daily basis. If you also wish to have a body like a supermodel, then to help you all, in this article, we have listed 4 amazing yet simple exercises on how to get rid of double chin that can make you look like a model.

Get A Model Like Look By These Exercises

1. Crunches

Crunches are one of the most important exercises for a model. It is basically an abdominal exercise in which the rectus abdomen muscle is worked upon. This exercise tightens the muscles, reduces the stomach fat and gives you a toned stomach.

How to Do Crunches

  • Lay down keeping the face towards the ceiling.
  • Keep the hands behind the neck
  • Now, bend from the shoulders towards the pelvis using the upper body strength

2. Facial Yoga

While modelling, the face is considered the most important part to showcase the emotions and looks. Thus, having a toned and photogenic face is very important which one can get by doing facial yoga that helps in reducing the fat under chin.

How to Lose Face Fat

Given below are some of the double chin exercises to get rid of face fat:

  • Simha Mudra (Lion Pose)
  • Pout it out
  • Chin Ups
  • Make a fish like a face
  • Lips pull

3. Push Ups

Push up is one of the most common exercises that any newbie first learns when they take their first step to be fit. By doing pushups, we basically work upon the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. Doing push ups give a proper formation to the shoulders and the back.

How to Do Push Ups

  • Lean down facing towards the floor
  • Use the arm strength to pull up yourself
  • Now, continue raising and lowering the body using arms

4. Squats

Squats are a full body exercise, but it primarily strengthens the hip, buttock and thigh muscles. If you wish to have toned legs to slay any bottom wear then doing squats is the key.

How to Do Squats

  • Stand Straight
  • Keep the arms forward
  • Bend to the lowest possible level, then get up again
  • Now, repeat it in the sets

So, these were the 4 amazing exercises that can make you look like a model.

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